Friday, September 3, 2010

They Arrived and I am So Excited

Egg Beads from Kelley's Bead Studio

I found out about Kelley's Bead Studio from reading other blogs, that I have been following, and all that I read were glowing reviews.  I forget when I went to her blog, but I totally fell in love with her eggs.  I had been lurking must of the time until a few weeks ago when Kelley posted the most yummy delicious eggs that I had to have! 

The cobalt blue eggs; the eggs that started me thinking about a plan.  A plan to base jewelry off of paintings from our (mine and mom's) favorite watercolorist, Rena Brouwer.  The cobalt blue eggs called to my painting Splendor

Splendor by Rena Brouwer
I remember when I bought that painting (I blame mom on starting on my, err "our" obsession with Rena).  It was two years ago, mom and I were at the Round the Fountain Art Fair and we stopped in Rena's booth to say hi.  I looked at that painting and said "MINE".  Though of course I didn't have the money to buy it, so I thought I was letting it go, my heart was crying, but I was trying to be good.  The following week, Inspired Fire was having an open house.  I remember mom pulling into the parking lot, I looked at her and I said if that painting is in the store I am buying it.  Mom laughed, but I was serious.  The minute I walked in the door I looked to the right and Splendor was hanging on the wall.  I went to Gabby and said, "I am buying that painting, let me have a sold sticker to put on it".

I have already talked to mom about my planned design and she seems to like the idea.  Now of course to implement it and cross my fingers that my idea works.  The other beads in the box were ones I just loved and I couldn't let them go, my plan was only to buy the cobalt blue ones.  YEAH RIGHT!  MINE, MINE, MINE!  Can you tell I am a little obsessive?

Here are the beads next to the painting.  Hopefully when the piece is done I will put the painting and the necklace together to show you all.  Cross your fingers for me that this will work.  Now I just have to think of other ideas for all the other paintings that we have of Rena's.  I blame mom, seriously I do.  We could have our own gallery walk with how many paintings we own. 

Beads and Splendor
Ok, three good things from today:
1.  Kelley's beads arrived and I drooled all over them, seriously I did
2.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  PERFECT!  Shorts and a sweatshirt - love this weather
3.  Lunch with the girls
3.5  Long weekend to play on the torch, saw, and enamel


  1. I must say you have excellent taste in art and beads! Can't wait to see your new nature-inspired necklace!

  2. What a beautiful painting!! I would drool over that one too as Blues are one of my favorite colors. The eggs are perfect! Can't wait to see what you create!!
    PS I am waiting for my camera battery to charge- I finished my idea inspired by the beautiful little kokapelli pendant I purchased from you!!.
    I made a special set of polymer clay beads to adorn him with and a flute too!! I will post it in a little while on my blog- Please come see and feel free to brag about it on your blog too. I love how it came out!!

  3. Evie and Beth, I just posted finally, we had our willow tree removed today, very sad, it was almost completely dead. Anyway come on over and see your little kokopelli adorned!!

  4. Adorable beads!I really like the shapes.
    I think one can never have enough paintings. A search for something unique never ends...
    You can surely create wonderful jewelry with
    those inspiring beads.

  5. I got some egg beads this week, too!!!


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