Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Art Elements December Theme - All Things Christmas


This months Art Elements Theme is All Things Christmas. I have linked to the photo album on the Art Elements Community Facebook Group.

Mom found all of our ideas, but I did find a couple and posted them to the my Pinterest Art Elements Theme Ideas board.

Mom is more of a Christmas person than I am; I am the Grinch out of the both of us. So, the ideas she selected for this month's theme was perfect for me.

I do love celebrating St. Nikolaus Tag with mom. It brings back memories from the time we lived in Germany. 

Mom found the ideas and then made patterns out of the images.

Patterns glued to the copper.

Mom cutting out the pieces with the large
copper cutter. It makes the pieces more manageable for
mom to saw.

Mom cutting out the other two pieces with the cutter.

Can you believe this - mom and I didn't take any photos of the process of her sawing out the pieces, filing or sanding. Mom only took pictures of the copper pieces after she finished filing and sanding.

I did take pictures of the pieces with the powdered enamel on them before I put the pieces in the kiln.

I also took a picture of the Grinch face right after I took him out of the kiln. It looked possessed and I thought it looked really cool.

After I took photos of the Grinch pieces, in our lightbox, I left them in the computer room overnight because I was being lazy and not taking them out to the garage. When I went between my room, through the computer room, to the main part of the house, I noticed that the Grinch eyes were glowing in the dark. It was so cool. I did try to take a picture, but none of them turned out good enough to share. You are just going to have to take my word for it :)

Here are the final pictures of the Grinch face, Max (the dog) and the Grinch stealing an ornament.

Once I was done taking photos of the pieces; mom then assembled them into a shadowbox. I then had fun trying to take photos of the shadowbox. I hung the shadowbox up in our hallway and brought in a sunlamp to try and take a good picture. You will not believe how much shows up in the glass. You could see the roof of the extension in the glass in a couple of pictures, and shadows of the shrank in another picture. I did the best I could and I hope this gives you an idea of how the pieces look in the shadowbox.

So, that is our pieces for the December Art Elements Theme. We hope you enjoy the process and final pieces.

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