Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Heart Macro - Assortment of Flowers

It is another Sunday and another I Heart Macro - where does the time go?  This week I didn't get much done on the beading or sawing part, though mom sure did.  I don't know if it was the weather or what but I sure didn't want to do anything.  Though I did finish off a pink Viking Knit chain that will be listed in our shop today or tomorrow.  I did work on making beads yesterday and mom finished up a few pieces which I plan on enameling today.  So, I hope to have pictures posted this evening of what we have been up to. 

Okay, on with the show.

Perennial Blanket Flower

I should know the name but I don't.  I just love these colors!!!

Ornamental Cabbage - I love how it looks, like another planet.

The bark of a tree - loved the textures you can see in the pictures.

The last is a bud of some sort of flower, there was no plaque.  Mom thinks it looks like a dragon head so I thought I would include it for her.

Mom and I are off to have breakfast and then it is enamel, enamel, enamel.  Hope to see you back here tonight for another picture show of finished pieces.  We are off!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn's Last Hoorah

Today is I Heart Macro on Studio Waterstone's site.

Mom and I headed over to the hort park to the last of the flower pictures for this year.  I was surprised to see how many flowers were still in flower and I also loved seeing all the dead heads of the flowers that are gone for the year.  Today's I Heart Macro is the contrast between the flowers still blooming and the ones that have died.  I really love how these turned out.  So sit back, drink some coffee and enjoy.

Disclaimer - I didn't get photos of the plaques for some of these flowers so I am not sure what they are called.

I think both of these are Annual Blanket Flowers

I didn't get the names of these flowers, so calling them dead flowers:

Mom loves the shape of this flower - reminds her of a sculpture outside the
Visual Performing Arts building on campus

These are Pot Marigold

Mom thought this one looked like a tarantula

 These flowers are called Scabiosa

Mom and I have more flowers but you are just going to have to stay tuned for next weeks I Heart Macro.  I am off to clean the last set of beads I made yesterday and mom is out sawing out some pieces.  I think I have two more sets of beads I will list on the Etsy site tonight and possibly Viking Knit chain for sale (that is if mom gets it cleaned up so I can take pictures of it).  Keep a look out on the Etsy site.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Studio Saturday

Autumn's Lovely Shades of Brown and Orange
Yesterday I participated in the STATTEAM treasury challenge Scavenger Hunt and I actually won.  Of course it helps that there were three of us participating and one of the participants was the curator of the challenge, but I am still excited that I won.  I am having a lot of fun creating treasuries and posting them.

This is mom working away on the inventory for our show in a couple of weeks.  She is having to re-tag everything with the vendor number the show provides us.  If you can't tell mom has fingerless gloves on.  It was a little chilly working out in the garage this morning.

This is the glass all laid out with the frit next to it ready to go, when we get oxygen on Monday.  I ran out after I finished making up some beads today.  I have been looking for oxygen concentrators on Ebay and Craigslist.  Mom and I really need a concentrator instead of buying oxygen all the time.

I finally got six sets of beads listed on Etsy today.  I need to make up more beads to go with the other sets because I found small smushed areas or blemishes on some of the beads and they had to go into the seconds bin.  Here are the sets I did list:

Autumn Leaves

Foggy Morning

Green Apple

Kuiper Belt
Pralines and Cream

Purple Passion

 I had to finish off with this photo of mom, Zola and Lily.  They are mom's cat blanket.  It is a good thing I got this shot because Zola had to get up and check me out.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Pulled into mom's driveway and noticed there were packages up by the door, found out there were three packages.  One package from Thompson Enamel, one package from Parawire and a package from Glass Diversions.

Wire to make more Viking Knit chain with.  The peacock blue I am currently working with is freaking awesome.  I really hope the rest of the wire is as easy to use as the blue! 

New colors of frit to play with.  I am so ready for this weekend!  Beads, beads and more beads.

I took the beads and rings out of the kiln tonight.  I have not cleaned them yet.
Mom was really liking what she saw.  Cross your fingers that there aren't any mushed spots on the beads!

Well, I like how these rings turned out but neither mom and I can get the darn things off the ring mandrels.  I have a love/hate relationship with the ring mandrels.  Most of the time I have a 50/50 chance getting them off.  Oh well.

This is a necklace and a bracelet I need to finish off and inventory for our show in a couple of weeks.

This is the pendant mom needs to saw out for our ABS challenge piece.

And last I had to finish off with a picture of Zola.  Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!  That is Lily in the background.  Both Lily and Sasha still don't know what to make of this little bit of a thing.  This is only the second night mom has allowed Zola to run around through the house.  The babies are doing better than they did last night.  The hissing and swatting was not good there for awhile.

Well, have a great night everyone!  Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Addition to the Family and Shop Update

This is the new addition to mom's family, Zola.  Yesterday mom and I went to the shelter (big mistake I know).  Mom likes to go to the shelter because it makes her feel better after playing with the kitties.  Well, this one caught both of our eyes!  You can't see it, but Zola has a red patch of hair on the top of her head that reminds both mom and me of my grandma Mert because grandma had red hair.

I have to say mom was really good and didn't get Zola yesterday, but I sure didn't help mom today.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to the shelter and see if she was still there and mom said yes.  If Zola was there then it was meant to be.

Zola was there and home she came with mom.  Needless to say mom is going to have to keep her separated from the other cats and slowly introduce her to them.  Sasha was having a hissy fit and Lily is not going to be happy being locked out of mom's room for the next few weeks.

But she is totally worth it - look at that face!!!  I so wanted one of her brothers but my brood would have gone totally insane if I brought another baby home.  Instead of one cat on Prozac I would have to put them all on it.  Oh well.  I get to play auntie to this one when I come over at night and on the weekends - so worth it!

Okay, shop update.  I finally opened up the shop and took out the bowls and necklaces.  Currently there are only pendants out there.  I am still working on the beads and the Viking Knit.

Here are the new pendants I posted on Etsy.

I also have three more sets of beads made up - though the raku/copper set still needs a few more beads made up before I can list them.

These are the beads I still need to make a few more to add to the set.

I am so in love with these beads.  I am calling them "Foggy Morning".  It is a transparent gray glass with an unknown frit on top.  It was one of the bottles of frit that I purchased from Sandi earlier this year.  I have found the manufacturer and I think I have found the frit, so I guess I am going to have to go shopping for me.

I am going to have to work on taking a better picture of these beads.  You can't tell the glass is a mint green and the frit on top of it is divine!

That is it for today.  I am exhausted and plus I want to go play with the kitty.  Have a great night and a great week!
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