Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom's Necklace, Completed Enameled Pieces and Sept Monthly Challenge

Mom's Necklace, beads by Juls
Today was a long and very productive day, even with the late start we had.  I had a headache this morning, took some medicine and went back to bed until about 10:00am.  I didn't get over to mom's until almost 11:00am and didn't start enameling until around 12:30pm.

While I was enameling mom worked on filing and sawing out some pieces and then she completed her necklace with Juls beads.  We both have torn out and re-started our pieces several times, but mom got her necklace done first.  Thanks Juls for those beads!  Love, love, love how the necklace turned out.  I now just need to get my but into gear and get my necklace and bracelet done.

I finished up the piece for a friend's baby gift.  My friend is into fantasy, castle's, sci-fi, rune stones and so forth.  She had specific colors she wanted for the baby, so we tried to get all of the above into her gift.  Mom came up with the design, cut it out, and told me the colors to use.  My only contribution was the enameling.  I need to get a better photo of the gift, but here is what I got.

Lady Aduil Name Plate
The name is miscellanous green enamels, going up to a waterfall of miscellanous blues, the castle of miscellanous purples, the sun hitting the top of the castle with miscellanous yellows.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  I just hope it is sunny tomorrow so I can get a better photograph.

The other pieces I enameled were the bird for my Splendor necklace design and pendants based on the four elements.  Two of the pendants I used in this month's Monthly Challenge on Art Bead Scene blog.  The other two pendants I think I am going to use the same design for the necklace as I did the Challenge necklace.  I am also throwing in a photograph of the beads I made for the monthly challenge necklace.

Splendor Bird

Air Pendant

Earth Pendant

Fire Pendant

Water Pendant

Monthly Challenge Beads

I did get the necklace done for the September Monthly Challenge, with the help of mom.  She helped me choose the accent beads, laid it all out, and then helped me string the necklace together.  She was even my model for the necklace.  So hip hip hooray for mom!  She is such a good egg.  Here is my piece for this month's challenge

Persia by George Barbier
I used the earth and air pendant for the main focus and then I incorporated the lampwork beads with accent beads of freshwater pearls and Cathedral beads.  This is a wrap around necklace.  I am only showing you two of the photos, but if you wish to see more go to our flickr site where I have posted more pictures of the necklace.

Mom wearing the necklace

Necklace flat

Ok, I am done for tonight.  I am off to my house to change into my pj's and crash.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Peace Out!


  1. I really love your enamel work. So intricate. That bird is beautiful!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh Beth! Those element pieces are stunning and I so wish I had them all!!!! They would help alot! What beautiful work! You know I love Moms necklace too! Who could go wrong using Juls beads!



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