Friday, August 10, 2012

6th Bead Soup Blog Party - 2nd Reveal

It is the time for the big reveal of our Bead Soup goodies.  First off, mom and I want to thank Lori for putting on this wonderful party.  Both of us know there is a lot that goes into this, and we so appreciate all the hard work Lori and her husband do for our party - THANK YOU LORI!!!  Now eat pie woman!

This is our fourth Bead Soup party and this time we were matched up with Karin of BackStory Beads.

12mm red rounds, focal and accent beads, turquoise and howlite and
a bronze clasp
I thought I would share the goodies that Karin sent us.  Karin sent us a wonderful note explaining each ingredient.  Karin said that she fell in love with the rounds but never thought of a way to work them into her designs so she sent them for us to design something with (which we did).  She went to her favorite bead store for the focal and accent beads because she loved the materials and the textures.  Karin then went back to her stash to send us the turquoise chips and howlite.  Karin sent us the bronze clasp for an extra challenge - which is good because we don't work with brass or gold color.

Here is a collage of what we ended up creating with all those goodies.  I seriously didn't think we would end up creating five different pieces; I thought the max would be two, but I sort of got on a roll yesterday.  Last minute inspiration hit like a bolt of lightening, and I ran with it because I usually don't get inspirations like that often.

The first piece we started on:

Rockin' Moroccan - Focal and Accent Beads
This is the first piece we started on - back at the beginning of July.  Mom and I both knew we wanted to use seed beads in this piece as an homage to Karin and her wonderful seed bead creations.  Let me tell you both mom and I hate to string seed beads and there was much swearing involved.  I did start the piece but I only lasted for about two strands and seeded only about 5 inches up the strands before I gave up to do something else.  So, this whole necklace was strung by mom - so big shout out to mom!

These are the focal beads about halfway up the necklace.

The seed beads with accent of brass spacers, which we bought at the Indianapolis Bead show a few weeks ago.  Like I said mom and I usually don't work in the color gold (because I don't like gold) or with brass so this was a nice change for us.  Oh, there are a total of six strands of seed beads with the brass spacers.

Mom and I wanted to use the brass clasp for this piece but when I went to finish it off the hole on the bar was too small to get all six strands through, so we improvised.  We had two of our oval enameled pieces left over from another necklace and mom said connect the six strands to one side of the oval and the brass clasp to the other - mom is a genius - a genius I say!

This is the whole necklace, Rockin' Moroccan.  Both mom and I love it, except for the stringing part :)

The second piece:

Howlin' Pop Rocks

Before we started assembling the necklace I knew I wanted to use the red rounds, turquoise and howlite together in one necklace.  Mom said she wanted her favorite beads in the necklace and I knew I wanted to have one of our pendants in this necklace too.

For the pendant I knew I wanted a lotus.  So, I begged mom to saw out the pendant before she had surgery since I really don't like sawing.  Mom sawed out the pendant the night before her surgery - she is such an awesome mom!  The colors of the pendant I wanted to be red and turquoise like the turquoise chips and howlite.  The colors aren't really in the color pallet we work with but I think it still turned out fantastic.

Here you can see the red rounds, turquoise chips, howlite and our lampwork beads.

Here is a close up of the beads I made.  Mom loves these beads but I couldn't remember what red glass I used so there was some experimenting before I got the glass I liked.  I think this is the third set of beads I made that I finally liked and wanted to use in the necklace.

I think Howlin' Pop Rocks is a great collaboration of components between what Karin sent us and components we made.

Next are the last three pieces I started making yesterday and mom helped me finish today:

We had some of the red rounds and howlite left over so I thought I would make two bracelets.  Usually mom and I don't make bracelets because we think they are hard to make (you would think necklaces were hard to create, but no, it is bracelets for us).

I actually did the wire loops on the bracelet!  I have refused to make loops for years now, but I made mom show me how a few weeks ago.  While I was waiting for pendants to cool, I started working on this piece.  I used the left over lampwork beads, howlite and red rounds.  I wanted to use chain in the piece so there are two gunmetal lengths and patina chain from MissFickleMedia.  Mom finished by adding the chain and clasp for me - I haven't figured out how to make the loops with the components attached to the loops yet.  Just not coordinated enough :)

A closeup of the beads.

The second bracelet I created with 18gauge wire and the components on the wire.  I used the focal bead I made, the brass spacers, our turquoise flamework beads and the red rounds.  I made the loop on one side, but mom finished off the bracelet with the clasp for me.

Here is a full view of the piece.

Here is a picture of mom wearing the bracelets.  I did have more pictures of mom wearing the bracelets but she asked me not to use them.  She didn't like how her hands or skin looked - her comment was "Old people skin.  Please don't use those pictures".  Though I did ask her to use this one because I thought it didn't look too bad plus it showed everyone what the bracelets looked like on someone.

Now, finally the last piece.  You guys have been very, very patient waiting for the end.

These were made this morning after mom's doctor visit - she is now allowed to go back to work.  These were the last two flamework beads I made in that torching third session.  I wanted to add the brass spacers and seed beads to the earrings.  Mom and I sort of winged putting the earrings together.

After mom put the ear wires on we both weren't happy with the way the crimps ended up looking.  So, I put it aside because mom was going to lay down and I was going to go home and power wash the siding.  On the way home I had an idea on how to fix the earrings.  After I got back to mom's house she was in the garage because she had an idea too.  She thought to use thin wire and string the seed beads on the wire and wrap the wire and beads over the crimps to hide them.  I thought that was a better idea than mine and I love how the earrings turned out.  We do make an awesome team!!!

After making five pieces, we still have two howlite beads left, some of the turquoise chips and about 14 of the red rounds left.  So, lots of fun we had with the soup ingredients that Karin sent.

Here's what we sent to Karin, and you can click here to see what SHE made!

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Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.  Have fun hopping!


  1. Hi Beth,
    I love what you and your Mom created with the bead soup Karin sent to you. My favorite is the Rockin Morrocan necklace it is gorgeous and of course all of the other creations are just as gorgeous too! The glass beads you made are awesome I love them and they go so well with the Turquoise chips, the Howlite beads, and the red round beads.

  2. So glad Evie is on the mend - you two do make an awesome team! The Moroccan rocks!!!I adore it and would wear it dressed up or down. Your lampwork beads on the second necklace are stunning. I'm just fascinated - and amazed - by your work. I love what the combination of burnished and shiny chain adds to your bracelet design. They look fabulous together! I'm so glad you had fun with the soup!

  3. such a bright bunch.Lovely use of the colours.Love and hugs Tanya

  4. I love "oriental look" very much. Your designs are very inventive! Regards from Poland, Dorota

  5. Bravo ladies!!! Great work !
    Next time I try seed beads,I'm going to try swearing them.
    The technique sure seemed to work for you !!!
    Love all your the designs.
    My absolute fav is the necklace with your lotus pendant.
    Delicious Soup !
    m.e. :)

  6. You and your mom makes a super team and this super team made some amazing pieces.Even though you don't like gold or bronze this necklace turned out just fantastic.Love all the other pieces too

  7. I love the Rockin' Moroccan and can imagine the work that went into stringing the teeny seed beads. I think that necklace goes wonderfully well with the earrings - and you're right, you and your mom make a great team. I have to say though that I have a soft spot for that second necklace - love the pendant you both made. Your mum is a sweetheart for sawing out the design. Oh and I love the flamework beads. Amazing job all around!

  8. such amazing pieces!!! Very bright and fun.....Lovely...;-))

  9. Lots of great work! Love your pendants.

  10. I love the seed bead necklace - very nice job! And what a coincidence - I am using some enameled rings for a very similar reason in the piece I'm creating for my soup (I have the last reveal). You guys make fabulous pendants - I was lucky enough to see the soup you sent Karin in person! Lovely work!

  11. Incredible work, love the howlin necklace, such vibrant colours and the bracelets are stunning

  12. I love the brass spacers in the first necklace, and the ovals look really good capturing all those strands.

  13. Very nice pieces, wow, so many. I really like Rockin' Moroccan. Lots of texture and color to that.

  14. I love the punches of red in each piece!

  15. Great use of your bead soup, such bright and pretty pieces. Great work:)

  16. While y'all may not like making bracelets, that's my favorite piece in the bunch. All the rest are quite nice as well, but there's just something about that bracelet. Hmmm. I also love the setup/angle you used in the picture of the first necklace. Very interesting and eye catching!!

  17. Firstly, I must say I'm in LOVE with the pendants that you make-It is my goal to purchase one in the near future and make a necklace out of it for myself! ^.^

    Second, I love how you and your mom are a team and created all of these lovely things together-I especially love the second necklace with the lotus pendant.

    Although that first necklace is quite the show stopper O.O

    You guys did such a beautiful job on all of your pieces! Great work :)

    Happy Hopping!

  18. Wow ladies, you two do make a great team, these are some very festive designs. Love them, makes me happy to just see them.

  19. You guys so completely rocked this! I love Tibetan-style beads and those wavy disks were PERFECT, a touch I never would have thought of. LOVE it. And the enameled piece is perfect, too! I hope you continue coming to my parties!

  20. Goodness what a lot of gorgeous jewellery you and your mom made I love the first necklace with those pesky seed beads and lovely focal!

  21. You have made some really colorful and fun pieces!!

  22. I know what you mean about seed beads. I feel the same way but I am glad that your Mom stuck it out. That necklace is really special!

    I really like the bracelets too and tell your Mom that she doesn't have old person's skin.

  23. I absolutely love the color well as the wonderful pieces you have made with it! The designs further compliment the soup!!!

  24. The choices in colors you have made for your pieces really brought the beads given to you. Love the Tibetan feel to your pieces.

  25. Oh my you guys totally nailed each and every design! I love them all!!! I want to say the morrocan piece is my favorite but each and every one calls out to me as beautiful.

  26. You and your Mum are a great team! I know what you mean about bracelets, I pull them apart regularly because of size issues mostly. Love your lampwork too!!

  27. Lovely items that you created and lovely items that you sent.

  28. Love the collage. These are really rockin my clock, especially the first necklace. I guess two design heads are better than one.

  29. Beautiful collection! The Rockin' Moroccan reminds me of a colorful hot air balloon!

  30. Wow, nice homage to seed beading! :-)Love the very unique color combinations, and the combination of your lampwork and enamels with your soup worked out very well. Nice job!

  31. Incredible pieces! I love the combo of blue, red and brass.

  32. So many pieces. My favorite is Rockin Moroccan!

  33. Wow! Stunning pieces. I love the "Rockin Moroccan" ecklace. The focal is gorgeous and the colours are great. The "Howlin Rock" necklace is beautiful - your focal is amazing. Great job with all your creations! :)

  34. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love that necklace - my favorite so far. Also love those earrings with the lampwork beads. Great job!

  35. Great job. You & your Mom are a wonderful team.

  36. I love Howlin Pop necklace and the last earrings!
    ciao dall'Italia

  37. the lampwork earrings are my favorite. beautiful work! ~diana

  38. All your pieces are stunning. The necklace especially...such great colors.

  39. You two really are a great team! Loved reading about your processes for each piece! Great designs..don't get mad, but the first necklace with the seed beads is my favorite!!

  40. Oh wow, I love all the colors! I can't pick a favorite, I think everything is gorgeous.

  41. Love your metal work... so unique! Fabulous colors and a great photo tour! Fun hopping with you! Kris

  42. Well first I've already seen what Karin made with the awesome soup you sent her and it totally rocked! And now, all these beauties you have made more total awesomeness! The pendant is so so gorgeous and I agree you have an awesome genius mum

  43. You could fill a jewelry store with all those pieces. They are wonderfully executed and I love that focal. You have done a beautiful job. They are amazing.

    Melissa Muir

  44. You two are just an incredible team! I got tickled over your descriptions. I know if I worked with my mom, that would be some of the same conversations! I love both of the necklaces. The Moroccan one is awesome, and well worth all the seed bead stringing! Your mom had the perfect idea for the earrings, they turned out great! I like the pic of the bracelets on your moms hands. Tell her they look awesome!

  45. Wow! Your work is amazing. I love how you maintained the color theme through out all your pieces! The focal you recieved is stunning and I love that first piece. And, the earrings rock!

  46. Oooooo. Totally my style ! Love it all !

  47. That forst necklace is my favorite! I love how the brass spacers look!

  48. Great use of the beads you were sent, and you made some lovely components to go with them. You and your Mom obviously enjoy working together!

  49. Very fun! And as a seed beader, I had to smile. Simply stringing seedbeads onto long strands can indeed be boring - they're so tiny and have to string so many to get anywhere. But the necklace turned out really fun. For some reason it keeps reminding me of a Russian folk costume with one of their dyed eggs (though I think the fancy dyed eggs may actually be Ukranaian). :)

  50. I now you and your mom work together. I try to bounce ideas off my husband and he keeps telling me he know nothing about jewelry. He is good with colors. I love the earrings. I was trying to figure out how you made them. I have some ideas with your explanation. Great job!

  51. What bright, fun pieces! I LOVE those tortoise shell beads you made! both styles work beautifully with your soup! :)

  52. I love your creations, and I love the names! The first Moroccan piece is my fav!

  53. I LOVE the lotus flower piece!! The colors are gorgeous! Great work! The rest is just as stunning but that is by far my favorite!

  54. I love that all your pieces, although different are all same colurs. You do an awesome job on rokin' morroccan, credit to your patience! I love the piece with your enameled lotus, just gorgeous. And I love your lampwork beads Beth, ESP the ones with silver and dots. ( rubino?) a beautiful job from you gifted ladies.

  55. I love them all!! I especially like where you gathered the beads on the necklace into those amazing silver beads.... GREAT JOB!!

  56. Such a fun combination of pieces! I love your copper pendant that is stunning!! Great use of your soup!

  57. The enameled Lotus is amazzzzzzzing! Gorgeous colours! All your work is incredible very inspiring and awesommmmmmmme!

  58. The enameled lotus is so pretty! I love all of your pieces! Great work!

  59. The second necklace is my fave, and those earrings are super cute too!


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