Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Art Elements July Theme - Hollow

Wave pendant - made back in 2013

The Art Elements Theme of the Month is the Hollow. I thought that was a cool theme and a different idea.

Definition of Hollow: 

  • Adjective: having a hole or empty space inside. 
  • Noun: a hole or depression in something.
I found several images on Pinterest that I thought was interesting. I save them to my Art Elements theme ideas board.

Mom found this wave image that she really liked. I told her she is sketching out the idea for that piece. We also both wanted the piece to be one of our plates so we could display it in the shadowbox.

This is one of the sketches mom worked on. I told mom there was no way I was sawing out that piece. To many holes I wasn't sure what to saw out.

This is a picture mom took sawing out the piece. The piece ended up being about 9" long and 6" wide.

I was awful about taking pictures this month. So, you aren't being bombarded with tons of photos of the process of us making the piece. The above picture is of the back of the plate, with clear enamel on it, before going into the kiln.

This is the backside of the plate. Mom and I decided to use crackle enamel on the plate. I used one of the recipes from Laura Bracken's crackle recipe book. I love her recipe books - I have all three of them. Laura has posted that she is creating a fourth book and I can't wait. Unfortunately I can't remember which book I got this recipe from.

I did make a slight tweak to the recipe when it came to the front side of the piece. I ended up making the front of the wave plate too dark with the black I added. I ended up adding a different color blue to tone done the colors. I also added in a lot of white.

I am so happy with how this plate turned out. The photos does not do this piece justice.

If you would like to see what everyone else has created please go to the Art Elements Community Facebook page and check out the month's challenge album.
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