Monday, October 21, 2013

Recap of Weekend - Cleaning, House Update, Art Show and Classic Car Show

Reville with my new book The Missing Link

This weekend was pretty busy.  Mom and I took Friday off to work on my house.  We had Goodwill come over and pick up the larger items I could not fit in the back of my car.  I also worked on cleaning the kitty cabinet, that is out in the garage, and mowed my lawn.  Also, finally, my book arrived The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer.  I had so much fun looking through the book and both mom and I have ideas and we can't wait to try some of those links!

House Update - yes I am sure you are sick of these updates but the house is getting closer to being completed.  Jim, our contractor was over at the house working on stuff while we were packing up the car on Friday for our Saturday show.

 They have taken the paper off the wood floors - they need to still put quarter round on the trim and floor.

The toilet has been installed.
The thermostat for the heated floors is installed and is on.

Bathroom sink faucet is installed.

Tape is on the walls marking where all the touch-ups need to be made to the paint on the walls.  This week, crossing our fingers for this, the furnace and AC is supposed to be installed.  I hope to goodness they are done this week because I don't think mom and I can do much more of this.  It is the never ending construction project and this would only happen to us :)  I am so ready to move back home!!!!

Table set up - inventory is pretty low

Saturday was a show in Delphi.  This year we were indoors - thank goodness because it was cold and rainy in the morning.  Just unpacking in the rain was not fun and I tell you I would have been bitching the whole morning if I was cold.

Rack of our pictures

We had a nice spot in the corner of the building and people had to walk by us to get to either of the rooms in the building.

Rack of shadow boxes with our enameled plates
Even though the show is indoors mom and I are wiped by the end of the day.  This show was actually pretty long - it went till 6pm.  I had been up before 6am and I was sooo ready for bed!

As you can see mom was not too thrilled with me taking her pictures.  She reminds me of Kaitlyn and Skyler when they know they are doing something bad :)

Sunday mom and I actually slept in a whole extra half hour.  We started the day at 8am by going to breakfast and then heading home and working in the studio/garage.  The contractors finished the dry walling and putting in insulation last week and the studio was a mess.  Everything is wiped down and put away and projects are laid out for us to work on.  We had a woman want one of our necklaces but it was too long and we didn't bring our tools.  So, we need to restring it tonight and contact her to see if she still would like to purchase it.  I have several necklaces I have to put back together after fixing the pendants.  We have one necklace that is way to short that we want to re-string for our next show.  Plus I have the Missing Link sitting out ready to use!!!

Mom and I also went to a classic car show to take some new pictures.  It was a gorgeous day and both of us had a great time walking around, looking at the cars and taking pictures.

I think this one is great - mom took it through the side mirror looking into the car.

So, that was the weekend.  I am sure this week will be just as jammed pack with working in the studio and me working on my house.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Missing Link Blog Tour on Cindy's Blog

The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer
Today starts The Missing Link blog tour on Cindy's blog.  OH MY GOSH - you need to head over to her blog and check out the pictures she shared of some of the links - they are freaking awesome!

The blog tour will last all week with Cindy today, Tracy Statler on Wednesday, Lori Anderson on Thursday, Kerry Bogert on Friday, Diane Cook on Saturday and Heather Powers on Saturday, Christine Damm on Sunday and Cindy on Monday (tour dates are listed on Cindy's blog).

If you head on over to Cindy's blog you can see wonderful pictures AND she is having a giveaway.  Hello, a giveaway!!!!

I am still waiting for my book - I ordered it last week.  I thought it would be here yesterday but I totally forgot it was Columbus Day (stupid holiday - I want my book).  So, I have not had a chance to check out the book, but I have seen the results of other people's work from the book.  Patti, My Addictions...Handcrafted Jewelry, has been creating some gorgeous jewelry with the links she learned from Cindy's book.

So, head on over to Cindy's blog and check out The Missing Link.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Extension - Almost Done!

I know this isn't a picture of the extension but I had to share it - this is my mushmellow Mishka.  Give him a blanket and he will be happy kneading it and sucking on it.  That is his comfort plus he is so darn cute I have to share pics of him.

Okay - one with the show.  This Saturday the electrician was over and he installed all the lights, ceiling fans, sockets for the lights and electrical.  He forgot the fuse box door but he is supposed to bring it over today.  The furnace and AC is supposed to go in this week and I think it is touch up stuff and replace my screen door and then inspection time.  Please, oh please, let it be over this week!

Well - here are the pictures of the extension with lights and trim!

This is the door from the computer room to my bedroom

The ceiling fan in the bedroom
Trim around the window and you can sort of see the door - they
bought the trim natural and then stained it and put a
polyurethane coat on the stain - mom and I love it.  I think
mom, when she has the money, will have the rest of the house
done like my part of the house.

The two lights in my closet.

The ceiling fan in the living room.

Light in the hallway.

The lights are installed in the bathroom - love that window!!!!

Light and electrical sockets are up - it sure does finish off the room!
This is the stack of artwork I took off my walls and took over to mom's house.
Right now they are stored in her closet - I also have artwork up on the
shelves.  We also cleaned out the curio cabinets and took all the glass
stuff over to her house and they are in this closet and one other closet so
the glass does not get broken.
A list of stuff mom and I finished up on Sunday.  We were sure
busy bees on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully this will be done
and over with in the next few weeks!
So, those are all the pics from this weekend. 

Tonight mom and I are working in her yard - I am mowing and mom maybe weed wacking (seriously I am dangerous with a weed wacker!).  I think I will also work on the rest of my closet and dresser - need to go through the clothes and decide what I am taking and what is going to Goodwill. 

I am not sure what else is on the agenda this week but mom and I will keep you posted!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salt Fork River Festival Recap

Mom posing with a bag of trail mix.
Well, I know it is a little late for the Salt Fork River Festival recap but I still wanted to share some of the photos from the two day sale.  This art show is held at our friends winery Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Illinois.  This is our favorite show of the year and we always look forward to the show rolling around.

Mom and I are always in the same location - between a pathway of trees looking out onto the pond.  I think if anyone swiped our spot, mom would physically move them - you don't mess with mom :)  It is also great because we are right next to the hummingbird feeder - saw plenty but couldn't get the camera out quick enough to take pictures.

This is the view of the pond from my seat this year.  It is so cool to just look out on the pond, hear the wind rustling through the trees and talk with customers.  A very relaxing weekend - but still hard work too.

A picture of our booth from across the pond.  Both mom and I get up throughout the day to walk around and take pictures.

This is a white board telling about all the different activities that were happening on Saturday and Sunday.  Joe and Dawn always have live entertainment throughout both days.  It is awesome being able to hear all the different groups that they have performing.

One of the musical acts - he played both Saturday and Sunday and it was freaking awesome.  He also used PVC pipes too for his music - who would have known you could use PVC pipes to make music.

Some of the vendors and customers walking around.

There was a wine tasting tent outside or you could go inside to taste your wine.

The winery through the trees.

The next images are of the trees, butterfly, and vines that mom I took over the two days we were at the show.  I was playing with a new photo editing site that I just love - BeFunky.

A butterfly I came across

Grapes that were left on the vines

Trees against the sky - love playing with the editing tools

You can see the vines through the break in the trees

Mom took this pic - some sort of seed pods near the pond

Another tree against the sky

My favorite pic - the vines with trees and sky in the background
So, that is the recap of the show.  If you are every near Fairmont, IL I seriously recommend stopping at Sleepy Creek Vineyards and checking out the place.  Mom and I go there to just relax, drink some wine, talk with Joe and Dawn and knit.

Update on the extension:
Crossing our fingers that they are finally done next week.  As of right now, the plumber and electrician is in the extension putting up my ceiling fans, lights for the closet and bathroom.  The furnace and AC are supposed to go in next week.  Yesterday they worked on mom's yard by laying down 15 tons of dirt, grass seed and straw.

Mom and I have not had a chance to work in the studio at all and I think I am serious creating withdrawal.  We are going to have to clean the studio again because there is insulation stuff everywhere.  We also need to put the studio back together again because the contractors moved stuff around (like my kilns - I can't work with how they put them back - going to have to set the studio back to rights).

Please cross your fingers with mom and I that they are done next week.  The following week I can move and clean my house and put it on the market.  Once I am moved back in - then mom and I can start making pieces again.  SERIOUSLY - I never thought I would say I miss creating!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Child of God Blog Hop

Today is the reveal of Miss Erin's Child of God blog hop.

Back in August Erin had a story bead give away on her blog.  Erin was giving away two of her wonderful beads and all you needed to do was a leave a comment answering this question:

If you are a Child of God and you can do anything, what is that anything you would want to do?

My answer was:
Again happy birthday and I am glad you were able to take some of it to do something for you!

Thanks for sharing the story of Erv - he sounds like a wonderful man to be friends with!

I would love to do something more for our military veterans. I especially want to do something at my university for them - I would love to have a Veterans Culture Center as a place to gather for events or have the ROTC students to come over and meet with veterans and hear their stories. A place to collect all the stories of our veterans who are alums and share them with the next generation.

Thanks again for this awesome post!

Isn't that bead just plain gorgeous!  You can see more of Erin's Child of God beads in her Etsy store.  I always feel so privileged to work with Erin's pieces and she has outdone herself with these beads!

Now I feel bad because I totally forgot that today is October 4th, the blog hop day.  I even forgot it was October until we received Erin's email last night reminding us.  Erin I sincerely apologize for the following photos but I wanted to create a post to share what mom and I created with your wonderful bead.  I will work on taking better pictures tonight to share.

This is me, this morning, trying to get a picture of the necklace - was having issues with the camera so got mom to take some more pictures when I got to her house.

The lampwork glass beads are made by mom and me, the Viking Knit is also made by mom and me and then of course Erin's Child of God bead.

A close up of our beads - gray with pink frit.

A close up of Erin's Child of God Bead.

This necklace can actually be worn three different ways - the way I am wearing it now happens to be my favorite. 

First way is the bead is on the Viking Knit and the beads are in the back.

Second way is how I am wearing it in the photograph - the hoop all the way up the side of beads.

Third way is just having the toggle clasp in the front hanging down.

I will work on taking updated pictures tonight but I wanted to write this post for Erin's blog hop and share what she sent us.  Oh, I have had a lot of wonderful feedback on the necklace and Erin's beads.  You do good work Miss Erin!
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