Monday, September 13, 2010

Finished Pieces

Mom Working Away

This past weekend mom went on a creating spree.  She completed six necklaces and helped me with three bracelets.  Mom usually likes to just saw out the pendants and bowls, the jewelry is more my thing.  I wasn't complaining that she was creating.  Of course that just means more inventory for us to go through this week.
Inventory Laid Out

This coming weekend we have a show that we are participating in for the first time, "Art on the Wabash".  This is the art fairs fifth year and mom and I really looking foward to participating in the show.  Of course that means we have to get all the inventory in order and label all the new stuff and get it all packed up ready to go for Sunday's show.  Mom and I like creating but we sure as hell don't like inventorying.

Well, on to the show.  Here are the necklaces and bracelets mom and I worked on this weekend.  The bracelets are Thankful/Gratitude bracelets with five lampwork beads I made.  One of the beads has the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Thankful/Gratitude Bracelet with Pink Ribbon
Thankful/Gratitude Bracelet with Pink Ribbon

Thankful/Gratitude bracelet with Pink Ribbon

Flower Power Necklace
Ginkgo Necklace
Happy/Sad Face Necklace
SunFlare Necklace

Walk In the Woods
Cross Necklace - Lampwork Cross and Beads


  1. Woo hoo for inventory and participating in the arts fair! I hope you two do great!!!

  2. I love seeing your set up and the inventory all laid out ... and I swear ... your mother's nose is to the grindstone! Good luck and make lots of sales ... which shouldn't be a problem with all of that beautiful work!

  3. Good luck at the show (although with that inventory you should sell out!)

    Awesome work by both of you!


  4. I need for your mom to rub off on me a bit. lol.

    Ugh, getting ready for a show is hard work. All my best to you.

    That sunburst necklace is to DIE for. :)

  5. Best of luck with the show! That "Walk in the Woods" necklace is outstanding! I love it!


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