Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reminder, Exhaustion and a Rant

Reel to Reel
One final reminder, tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Stringing Magazine Challenge "Let's Go to the Movies".  Mom and I submitted our necklace to the challenge and it is number 17.  If you haven't voted please do, even if it isn't for our necklace.

This week was mom's first week at the new job.  Mom seems really excited about the job and learning new things and stretching her abilities.  The one downside is that she is exhausted each night.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  The bad thing is that we haven't created anything all week.  I am just as guilty for not creating pieces, but it isn't any fun when she isn't out there with me.  The good thing is that she is exhausted and she can sleep.

Beth's Rant for the day:  Both mom and I work on a college campus and the students are back.  Yes, they are good because they allow us to be paid, the bad thing is that they are back!  UGH!  What is it with these young kids who are coming to college to learn, but they can't do the simplest thing, like look both ways before crossing the street.  Hello, car bigger than you, car will put a hurt on you when you walk in front of car - dumb a$$. 

Mom's favorite saying to me, you are a student too Beth.  At least I am not dumb enough to walk in front of car.  I know how to take notes, take a test, write a paper, and even tie my shoes.  Thank you mom for teaching me responsibility and how to take care of myself to prepare me for the real world.  Seriously, how do these kids think they are going to function working in the real world.  OMG!!!!

Ok.  Sorry, I didn't mean to keep going.  One of my many pet peeves this week.  I won't even start on my subdivision where I live.  That would be one long rant and I would seriously be ready to put a hurt on somebody.

Ok, deep breath, enhance my Chi - Everything is right with my world!
Three good things that happened:
1.  Got to see mom today - haven't seen her since Monday (mommy withdrawal)
2.  Still love my new haircut - got all of my hair chopped off last Thursday (love it)
3.  Sold three more ceramic pieces this morning and a pair of our earrings


  1. OK is the Chi in order? I hate that you and mom can't be together as much I am so jealous!! Just think maybe weekends will be extra fun! Congrats on the sales!

    Hugs to both of you!

  2. Love that necklace - hope you win.

  3. @Kristen - thanks for the congrats. Yeah, mommy withdrawal sucks sometimes. We just enjoy it more when we are together.

    @Sandi - thanks for the compliment. I have my fingers crossed that we at least place.

    Seriously I need to figure out how to email you all so you know I am reading the comments. I guess I need to hit the Help section of Blogger.

  4. Your mom has a new job? I'm outta the loop. I guess that's what happens when a person moves two hours away! Is she still in the same area?

  5. I hope things calm down for you.

    I guess getting hit would be a way to learn? :)

    Good news on the sales, all your hard work is paying off!

  6. Still can't figure out to respond to individually but I will prevail! I will not be beat by technology!

    @Natalie - mom started her new job this week. She is working for Bente in the College of Science and she is over in the MATH building. At least I will get exercise to go and see her.

    @Shannon - I think they will calm down in December :) But mom and I like being busy.


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