Monday, December 7, 2015

Wind Turbines and Bells

This past Saturday mom and I headed up to Michigan City to the Lighthouse Outlet mall. We really weren't shopping for anything specific (okay, I was looking for a Coach bag, which they ended up not having). We had fun just walking around because it was gorgeous out!

On the way back I decided to take the back road of 231 home, this was around Wolcott, Indiana. There are a lot of wind turbines out in that area.

Okay - for some reason this one is inserting sideways -
 so sorry about that!

I thought the wind turbines would make a good picture so I asked mom to get my phone out and start taking pictures. It was fun watching mom try and take pictures because she wasn't sure how to use my phone.

Overall I think she did a fantastic job. Way to go mom!

I thought I would share an updated picture of Bells. She is growing so fast but she is still a mush at night. This is how she sleeps on me (a lot).

And another pic of her - the flash woke her up - so she had to switch around and then play a little before she flopped back down.

So - that was a brief update of what we did this weekend. I hope you had a great weekend before the rush, rush, rush of the holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Things We Have Worked on the Last Few Months

Gray beads used in the Superstition Blog Hop
Yes - I have been slacking on posting what mom and I have been creating. Like I said in a previous post I just have not been blogging like I should. It just seems so much easier to post things to Instagram than to get out here and write.

Beads made for fun - a project that we didn't
end up completing.
I have missed writing and mom says she misses seeing what I write about. So, trying to get better at posting again. It is like muscles that haven't been used in a long time - they are sore and don't want to work right. Or, like riding a bike - fall over - get back up and start again.

Sugar beads I made for the Sugar Skull pendant
The sugar beads posted here are beads I love to make - they look like candy. Plus I love the texture of the beads.

Koi plate
Mom was able to saw out three new plates in September. I love, love, love how they turned out. Mom does have some mad sawing skills!!!

Sugar Skull butterfly
Sugar Skull Owl
I am so in love with these two Sugar Skull pieces. Mom and I found a coloring book that had different types of Sugar Skulls - she took the patterns and then tweaked them for us to create enameled copper plates. Mom really, really, really does have some awesome skills. I think I will  keep her!!!!

I think we were on a Sugar Skull making kick. I really wanted to make another Sugar Skull pendant - hadn't made one in several years. I wanted to make bright and fun colors and I think we did it with this piece. Here you can see the sugar beads with the Sugar Skull. Mom and I went to our favorite bead store and found the accent beads we used in the piece - they were colored wood beads. I really love how this piece turned out!

These were made into earrings and I plan
on posting to the Etsy shop this week

Kokopelli pendant sold at a show

Celtic Cross - on Etsy

Kokopelli pendant - mom and I have
a plan for this piece.

Shell pendant on Etsy
Now that it is winter mom and I are moving the sawing stuff into the computer room. There are a few ideas for pieces I have kicking around in my head - so will share once they are completed. So, who knows what else I will come up with to blog about - that is what is exciting about this - never know what is going to be talked about :)
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