Friday, September 27, 2013

Focus on Life Week 39 - Your Best Shot

I first have to give a shout out to Sleepy Creek for this weekend's show!  Mom and I look forward to this show every year and it keeps getting better and better!  If you are near Oakwood, IL this weekend come on out to the winery and check out all of the artists and of course the wine!

Just to tempt you - here is a photo of the awesome wine slushies!!!!!

Okay - on with the show.  This week is Focus on Life week 39 (holy smokes where did the time go?) and Give it your best shot!  Sally told us to get snap happy - well I am sharing photos from past year shows at Sleepy Creek.

So, hold on for a lot of pics.

This is one of the photos from last year - yes I used it for our banner to promote this weekend's show.  It is of the vines and the trees changing colors across the road.

Our booth from last year

leaf from the grape vines

Where I booth is at there are hummingbird feeders.  Last year the birds were
flying into the booth and onto the jewelry.  I tried to take pics but they
were just too fast for me.

Main area - near us is the set up for the musicians.  Last year there
were belly dancers and I guess they are back again this year too.
Need to get more pics this year!

Of course I needed pics of the grapes!

I plan on posting a recap of the weekend sometime next week.  I am not going to promise a date because I haven't been good on my blogging promises lately.

Below is a link of all the participants for this week's photo hop.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recap of Show and Upcoming Shows

Yesterday mom and I had a show at the 2013 Apple Popcorn Festival in Brookston, IN.  It was a very long day for us.  We both were up at 4:20 to get ready and then pack the car (couldn't pack the night before because it was pouring down rain).

Not sure if we will do the show again - we weren't totally skunked.  We made our booth fee, paid for lunch and gas with just a little bit left over.  I also think mom and I need to look for more indoor venues.  We both were in so much pain after the show it wasn't even funny.  I thought my feet would pound off and I am sure mom's neck, knees, and feet were killing her (I think it was a two pain killer night for her).

I do have to say that talking to people made up for everything else.  People were so nice and seemed appreciative of what mom and I make.  We had one couple stop by asking where we were this year because we didn't make it into Art on the Wabash.  The lady said she had our business card and was looking for us - that made my day!  We had another customer buy mom's most favorite necklace - Lei it On Me.  We had another vendor stop by and she even sent us an email which I have to share:

Met you today at Brookston.....I so admire your work and appreciate your friendliness...I go to a lot of art shows...most of which  are juried... and you are right up there with the best of them.....I meant to get back and buy something...but the crowd made me nuts....I was the one who liked the bracelet with the message....I hope you had a great day!
Oh My Goodness - that so made mom and my night last night to receive that email!!!
Mom and I do have a two day show next week, a one day show on October 19th and a one day show on November 23 and we are done with shows for the year.
Here is show information:
Our favorite show of all time - Salt Fork River Art & Music Festival - at our friends winery Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  They are located in Fairmount, IL.  If you are in the area please stop by because the show is AWESOME!

Carroll County Celebrate the Arts located in Delphi, IN.  This show will be held on October 19th from 9am to 6pm.  It will be located in the Wabash and Erie Canal Center in Delphi, IN.  There will be over 40 artists on display.

Harrison Band Booster Craft Show on Saturday, November 23.  The show will run from 9am to 2pm and it will be at the Harrison High School in West Lafayette, IN.

If you have any questions about the shows please send us an email at  Right now the Etsy store is closed because of all of the shows plus I need to update the shop after all the sales we have had from the shows.  If there is something specific you are looking for or would like us to create please email us at

One last update:

They have laid the wood floors in the extension this week.  The bathroom needs to be laid, the door to the extension needs to be cut out, AC and furnace, electrical and inspection are it.  Hopefully, cross your fingers, it can be done this week.  Both mom and I are so ready to be done and me moved back in.  Also it would be great to get the plastic off of everything in the garage and we can start working in there again.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

Have an awesome Sunday everyone!

Friday, September 13, 2013

House Update and More Metal Prints

This is the calendar mom came up with to finish working on my house to get it ready to sell.  Some of the days we had to push back because we couldn't get the mulch due to holiday or weather related incidents.  But, we have got a lot done so far.

We have laid down five yards of mulch in my yard within a two day span - yes we were hauling butt to get it put down before the weather turned freaking hot!!!

Mom putting up the new houses numbers (because I don't measure) on my freshly painted trim.

Me on a 12 foot ladder painting the decorative circle over my garage.

Me with a death grip on the ladder because I don't like heights and it was pretty windy that day.  Let me tell you I will ONLY do the lower trim and not the higher trim, I will see if our contractor will do that!

We found a birds nest in George, my rose bush, when mom was trimming him back.

One egg hatched and the other didn't.  Love the colors on the shells!

They are now moving right along in the extension.  Painting should be completed today.  I have a yellow bathroom.

A granny smith apple green for my bedroom and closet.

A taupe color for the living room and I didn't take a pic (yesterday) of the accent wall which will be a very dark red.  They still need to put another coat of red on today and touch up paint on the walls.  I think next week the floors will be laid, the bathroom fixtures installed, the electrician will be there and then I think the next week the AC and furnace will be installed.  Then it is inspection time and crossing our fingers move in time.

A grill, horn and light and an old Model A

Mom and I have a show next weekend and we are both freaking out because we have not been working in the studio (our fault and no one else!).  So, we decided to order some more prints.  This time we used photos we took at a car show.

I love this one of a steering wheel and the panel and an engine of an old car that they restored.

Pictures of buildings around Purdue - the bell tower and the "P".

Love the bottom straw flower - mom and I thought it looked like a smiley face but our contractor thought it looked like a heart.  He asked if we touched it up and we said nope - that is how the flower looked.

Not sure what is going to happen this weekend - mom is hope sick with a migraine so I guess it depends on how she feels.  I know I want to pack some in the house but I also have a few pieces I want to get enameled and two necklaces assembled.  So, won't make any promises on what gets accomplished.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 36 In Two

This week's Focus on Life is In Two. We were to focus on things in twos.  To be honest the only thing I have done this week was go to work and then go home to work in the yard.  I really didn't think I would find anything in pairs.  Well, I was wrong.

I had to go over to mom's place of work this week to train two of her students on one of our databases.  When I walk to her place I walk in front of the Visual and Performing Arts building.  Well, they had these two heads installed a few weeks ago as part of their Florence H. Lonsford Endowment.

The structures are called "Brickhead Conversations" and were designed by sculptor artist James Tyler.  They are to "explore the nature of being human on the planet".  The heads are not intended to be portraiture or realism, Tyler says, but instead depict all human races and genders collectively.

When you walk by the heads they emit sounds of our local wetland wildlife - from the chirping of cardinals to the landing of geese and the buzzing of insects.  The sounds came largely from Bryan Pijanowski, a professor of foestry and natural resources and sound ecologist.

You can read more about the sculptors by clicking here.  All the information that I shared with you came from this article.  I am really disappointed that I missed the dedication (didn't get the invite until a day after the dedication).  It is fun walking by and hearing the sounds of nature coming from the heads.

So, if you are ever in the neighborhood of Purdue stop by and check out the chirping heads!

Please head on over to the Studio Sublime and check out what everyone else saw in pairs this week.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Focus on Life - Week 35 Growth and Change

This week's prompt from Sally was Growth and Change.  I think that is perfect for both mom and myself this year.

Image by EB Photo Journal (mom and myself) Quotes from Google

Mom and I are trying something new this year - putting our photos on metal prints.  We have been taking pictures for years and hoarding them but decided we wanted to start selling them.  I found a place that infuses the images onto aluminum.  So, in a few weeks, we will be taking the prints to our shows.  We also just ordered nine more prints - so cross your fingers for us in our new endeavor.

Extension update (change for both of us) - I think we have another two weeks and the extension will be done.  I am moving back home with mom because lets face it, I live over here anyway :)  It is going to be good to be back home and being closer to the studio.  Mom has printed off a calendar and has laid out what we need to do on each day for the next two weeks.  Lots of changes for both of us - me moving back home is going to be a big change!
Bathroom - ceiling done and drywalled

Bedroom and Closet drywalled and ceiling done

Living room - ceiling and drywall done

Ceiling has been textured
Work growth:  I have been in my job for almost 10 years now - I can honestly say I have kept a very low profile for almost the whole 10 years.  This past year I have gone way out of my comfort zone.  I have started teaching classes for products we provide and SharePoint navigation; given more presentations on one of the products we provide for the departments and schools to send out bulk emails; I actually volunteered to chair a committee for our department (I have never chaired anything in my entire life); putting my name out to more departments on helping with bulk email and SharePoint.  Just so you know, I drank the Kool-Aid, and I love SharePoint :)  This for me has been a major step in professional growth - when I got out of the Army I just wanted to do my job and not be in charge of anyone or anything.  Boy, times have changed!!!

Images by EB Photo Journal (Mom and Beth) Quotes from Google
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