Saturday, May 30, 2020

Art Elements May Theme - Butterflies

One of our metal prints with a buttefly
This month's Art Elements Theme was butterflies.

Mom and I love working with butterflies - we have fun taking photos and making plates and pendants.

This month mom and I had several pieces we worked on and one we didn't complete.

The first one I worked on was one of our double-sided pendants. I was playing with decals I purchased at the beginning of the month. I wanted to have a stencil on one side and a decal on the other.
The two designs

One side with the decal

One side with the stenciled butterfly
 I had a lot of fun working with the decals. I am so happy with the way everything turned out. This double-sided pendant is for sale along with several other double-sided pendants in our Etsy shop.

The other two pieces we ended up completing was a butterfly plate and a butterfly pendant.

I worked on sawing out the exteriors of the bowl and plate (the bowl wasn't completed). Mom hates sawing out the exteriors while I hate sawing out the interiors. So, this works out for the both of us.

I think I only ended up breaking three blades sawing out both pieces. I thought that was pretty good for me.

Here is mom sawing out the interior of the piece. I actually recorded mom sawing out one petal of the flower. I posted it to our Facebook page and you can view it here.

Mom also does the filing and sanding. She completed the plate last Saturday and I enameled on Sunday.

Here I am enameling the butterfly plate and a butterfly pendant. Mom has had the butterfly pendant sawed out for a while. I am just now getting around to enameling it. I thought this was a perfect time.
I think this is the backside of the pieces. I always like enameling the back first. This gives me an idea of the colors and if it will work before I flip it over to do the front. are the last two pieces we worked on.

The butterfly plate will be displayed in a shadow box. Now that I have pictures taken mom will work on put the plate into the shadowbox.

I love how the colors turned out on the pendant. I am never sure what is going to happen with the cobalt blue when I use it, but this time worked out great. I am listing this pendant in our Etsy store today.

I know Art Elements is posting the theme pieces on their new Facebook page Art Elements Community. Please take the time to go and see what everyone has created.

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