Thursday, September 20, 2018

My Work Office Cube Makeover

Entrance to my work area
A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a total office makeover. I couldn't stand the tan walls and the mess of my desk to look at anymore. The wonderful thing about making this decision - I got rid of year's of paperwork!

The first photo is of the entrance to my cube. Mom and I had this divider at home that we used to use for our art shows, but have not used it in about five years. So, added a Do Not Disturb sign, some butterfly wings I had worn for a Halloween party at work, and fairy lights on the inside. A nice way to block of my office if there is something I really need to get done and I can't be disturbed.

My Updated Cube
I stood up on the desk behind me to get this overall shot of my cube. I am still in love with this area. I keep the counters clean and the only thing on my workstation is my notebook to track what I need to get done.

New light, fabric on the walls, and flowers from Michael's
So, to the left of my desk I have added a little light. I have almost all the lights off over my desk (I get migraines, so this helps out some). Beside the light I have canning jars, that were my grandma's, that mom and I re-purposed to hold the flowers (the flowers were from Michael's and they were on sale).

To the right of my desk area.
To the right of my desk area is the only paperwork I have and my phone. I bought the crate from Mendards. It wasn't white, so mom painted it white for me. Inside the crate are two more of my grandma's canning jars with fairy lights, more flowers, and a jar holding my glitter pens. The file folder, that is pink, holds the only paperwork that I have. The mint green box holds training paperwork. On top of the box are a tape dispenser, stapler and paper clip holder that mom spray painted glitter pink for me. Behind the phone is a tube, that held the peel and stick for the walls, that we filled with more fairy lights.

Overall view of my desk
In front of my cube is a cloth wall - mom and I went to JoAnn fabrics and bought fabric. This is the fabric I put in front of me so I can look at it every day. I actually look forward to coming to work now each day.

Peel and stick wall with paintings
This wall mom and I used peel and stick from Target - it is a metallic pink color. The left over peel and stick mom used to accent my grandma's canning jars (mom is so talented). I also bought more fairy lights to go around my cube.

I brought in another piece mom and I used to use for our art shows, that had just been sitting in the garage. I used this piece to put all of my mugs on them that I painted at "All Fired Up". Again, used fairy lights on the rack. The green wall is more fabric I bought from JoAnn fabrics to cover the tan walls. It is hard to see, but it is a nice mellow green.

I have created a little seating area with a rug, that pulls in the fabric color from the walls.

I moved my coat cabinet to behind me. Has more canning jars holding glitter pens, more flowers and more fairy lights.

And the final picture - mom sewed me a runner to put under my monitors. She used the left over fabric to create the runner.

I could not have done any of this without mom. She helped so much - she is the best.

So, that is my cube makeover. It makes it fun to actual come into work each morning. I hope you enjoyed the cube makeover.
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