Friday, April 29, 2016

New Items Listed on Etsy - Metal Prints and Pendants

Yesterday I had the day off - after working 17 hours on Wednesday (it was our Purdue Day of Giving and a friend and I volunteered to work late to help scan and enter information into the leaderboard - it was actually a lot of fun - may have to volunteer again next year).

So, I worked on taking pictures of four pendants and two of our metal prints in our brand new lightbox - that I finally put together after almost two months of it sitting in the plastic bag. I am really impressed on the lightbox and the lights that came with it.

It is just the perfect size to fit on mom's old sewing machine table. And to have enough room for the pieces and props.

This afternoon I had off - so I worked on editing all the pictures I took yesterday. Not much editing at all - just crop and re-size. Now how much fun is that!!!

Once I got done with the editing - it was time to post to Etsy. I have been a poor tender of the shop and both mom and I have been so bad about creating. We just can't swing out of this funk. If anyone has any ideas on how to get out of the series funk of not creating - please share!

But - onto good things - like what I just posted.

I posted two new metal prints:
Meramec Cavern

A Fairy Statue

We then had a special order for a "Guardian of the Wood" pendant. I have not heard back from the customer - so decided to go ahead and post the pendants to Etsy.

Guardian of the Wood - w/ bail

Guardian of the Wood - holes

Guardian of the Wood - w/ bail

Guardian of the Wood - holes

I am not going to promise to do better on blogging - since I seem to not be able to keep up with the promise.

Though I do need to be better on sharing images - of the pendants and photos we have been taking.

I hope you check out the new items - and yes - I know mom and I need to get our butts in gear and create. Ideas, ideas, ideas to get us creating please!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Yes, We are Alive - Guardian of the Wood Pendants

Work area in computer room
Mom and I are alive - just haven't blogged or really done anything lately.

We have started gluing down patterns and sawing out pendants and plates.

Guardian of the Wood pendants
And we had a custom order for a Guardian of the Wood pendant (made 4 different pendants for the customer to select from).

I did a quick enameling session to get those four pendants enameled to share with the customer.

The customer wanted the pendants in blue and green - so had fun with those colors on the pendant.

Here is a picture of all four pendants together - two have bails on the back and two have holes for jump rings.

Has a bail

Holes for jump rings

Has a bail

Has holes for jump rings
I really love how each of the pendants turned out. Mom and I are still waiting to hear from the customer - but don't want to nag them because they were patient with us on making the pendants.

Mom and I have both been sick with the stomach flu, then mom had a really bad cold and of course the migraines.

Once we hear from the customer on which pendant they would like we will put the other three in the Etsy shop. I also need to work on updating the shop too.

So much to do, but mom and I have been so not in the mood. We are both guilty of this - we are letting stuff consume our lives from work, which I know we shouldn't - but sometimes it is so hard.

We are both grateful for what we have - but sometimes - just sometimes (okay, all the time) - I just want to go in to work and say I quit. Of course I need to make sure I have a backup plan before I jump ship - need to pay the bills.

Okay - will try and post more. I need to get back into our fun outlets and blogging was one of my fun outlets. So, get back to it Beth!
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