Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Weekend and Can't Wait Until Next Year

Entrance to the Winery
This weekend was a blast as usual.  If mom and I haven't said it enough we will say it again, "WE LOVE THIS ART FESTIVAL!".  I think we both are already counting down until next year's festival again, but I am sure Joe and Dawn are not; they are trying to rest up from Saturday and Sunday.  They both did an excellent job and big shout outs to them both!

Saturday was just plain gorgeous weather.  It was a little nippy in the shade but that soon changed with the sun came around out of the trees and hit our booth.  Sunday started out really nice and sunny and then the sun went away and was really chilly.  I had to even get the quilt out of the car for mom because she was cold, and mom is never cold.  It is usually me wrapped up in all of our quilts bitching that it is cold.  The sun did finally come out again when we were tearing down.  That didn't stop people from coming out though.  Have I said that I love this art festival!!!!

I am just going to show the pictures and let you enjoy them.
Our Booth From Where We Sit

Bowl Side
Necklace Side
Echo Marking Territory in our Booth
Mom Hanging Jewelry
Booths From Across The Pond
Booths Located Behind Us
Front Side Booths (Blacksmith)
Bird Rescue Booth
The Other Blacksmith
Pond and Grapes
I could add more and more pictures, but I think these photos show you what went on this weekend.  Of course I didn't take any pictures of the mad house within the winery for the wine tasting and buying of wine slushies.  Oh, and mom and I only had one wine slushie this year, can you believe that?  Of course Sunday was too cold to be drinking anything cold, but still I can't get over us only having one wine slushie.

Oh, and we did get the article that mom was interviewed for.  I am going to try and scan the article and upload it to blogger.  I think mom did really well, though they did misquote her on one thing, but that is pretty good.

I have to end with one more photograph.  This is a picture of the sunset last night from mom's front driveway.  The clouds were stunning and I had to share.


  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Thanks for sharing so many pics :)

  2. Sounds great and the pictures are beautiful. I'm curious about these wine slushies - do tell.

  3. It was a fabulous weekend! Mom and I always have a great time! The wine slushies are made from their wine (I especially like their Three Amigos). They have a mix you use - you pour the mix into a bowl, the bottle of wine and water; you stir and let the mix freeze before serving. IT IS SOOOOOO GOOD!

  4. Beautiful pictures - looks like a fabulous fair - hope it was also profitable.

  5. what a pretty location. Your booth looks great!

  6. I am so glad it went well! What a lovely place to have a fair!


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