Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flower Wednesday and a Question

Another Flower Wednesday!!!!

Ok, I don't have the name of any of these flowers because I wasn't smart enough last time to take pictures of the stakes next to the flowers.  So, you are just going to have to look at the photos and guess on the names of the flowers!  Horticulturist I am not (I don't even like to mow my yard!).

This is my all time favorite photo of all the flowers

Mom and I are interested in using ribbon in some of our designs (I have a design idea and I need ribbon).  We looked on different sites and found a seller we really liked, the colors of the ribbons were fabulous!  When we received the package the ribbons sides were unfinished and were unraveling.  I know some artists like that look, but mom and I are sort of obsessive compulsive and we didn't like the look.  We have tried gluing down the unfinished sides (not pretty) and used fray check (didn't work). 

Do any of you recommend a seller or a company to purchase ribbon from?  Any help would be greatly appreciated because my head is going to explode if I am not able to make this necklace soon.  HELP!!!!

Weather is awesome out and tonight is a jewelry making night.  YIPPEEE!!!! 
Have a great day everyone!


  1. I like but most ribbons are unfinished to some degree on the ends and people just tie the ends. Or you could run the sewing machine across the short ends?

  2. Wish I could help you but I have no idea. I happen to love things that ravel. Hope you find your seller! The pics are beautiful, btw.

  3. Yippie you had time with MOM! I know the first couple of pictures are Strawflower, Zinnia, and Tiger lily. The fifth one is a Dalia and the last on is another Zinnia! I so love your flower pictures the really capture all the colors!

    I'm not into ribbon (yet) so I have no idea.



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