Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bummer News, New Listings and Flowers

Belle Armoire Jewelry

Mom and I thought we would try submitting two of our necklaces to Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine at the beginning of the year.  Well, we got a package today and it was our two necklaces back with a nice letter saying, "We appreciate your creative efforts, but we are unable to fit this particular piece into our editorial schedule".  It was a nice letter and it will be added to our pile of rejections :)  Though it is nice we received these back before our next show at the end of July - more inventory is always good!!!!

Here are the two pieces we submitted:

Lei It On Me
This is our piece for the February 2011 ABS Challenge.  Mom just loves this piece and I think someday she is going to end up stealing it for herself.

November 2011 ABS Challenge
And this is our piece we created for the November 2011 ABS Challenge.  I just love those enameled roses and the the beads are great - though I am tooting our own horn :)  We just have to keep trying.  I think we will work more on submitting pieces next year; need to get through our show season here in the next few months.

Oh, about our show season. 

Mom and I had one of our pieces on display at Ivy Tech Hall to promote one of our upcoming shows "Art on the Wabash".  The sponsors like to display art by the artists to give the community a taste of what will be at the art show.

Each year mom and I try to submit something different for the display case.  This year we are showcasing the African Mask.  I think this might be another piece that mom may steal one day.

This evening I worked on listing three pendants on Etsy.

Blue Heron

This is an extra blue heron mom and I made for Erin for her Verse and Vision II piece.

Orange/Yellow Elephant
A small orange/yellow elephant I made, you know I don't remember when.  I just finally fixed him and got him listed.  I really love the colors but don't really remember what enamels I used - I know it was a orange and yellow transparent but not sure which ones.

Abstract pendant
Mom and I are calling this an "Abstract Pendant" though Courtney, Beads by Breul, had a perfect title "A Bit Star Trekkie".  I love it - I did go add that to the item details section of the item.  Thanks Courtney for the great idea :)

Spring Star Flower
At lunch today I walked over to the hort park not far from my building.  It was actually really nice walking over there - a slight breeze and wonderful sunshine.  Of course I didn't feel the heat or sun while I was taking photographs but I sure felt it, and the sweat, when I was walking back to work.

It was well worth it though.  Here is a sneak peek of some of the pictures I took.

I love the photos of these Cone flowers.  Just a few weeks ago they were perfect.  I don't know if it is the heat or they just don't last that long but this is what was left.

This is a Common Zinnea.  I just love those yellows and the peek-a-boo of the green leaf coming up through the petals.  Mom thinks the middle of the flower looks kind of like a pineapple.

So, that is a sneak peek of the flowers.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.  It sucks going back to work after being off of work for almost two weeks.  Also, on Saturday mom and I are going to a bead show in Indianapolis.  I am really looking forward to that because we are looking for some specific things for our Bead Soup pieces.  Cross your fingers and our fingers that they have what we want.


  1. Even as a fundraiser, I still have to make an effort to really shake off rejection. I'm sure another great opportunity will present itself to you!

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