Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon and Sleepy Creek

Sunset Last Night

Harvest Moon
I had to share these photos from last night; if you didn't already know it was the Harvest Moon and the autumnal equinox, how cool is that!  The moon was also gorgeous this morning, there were wispy clouds below and over the moon.  Don't worry I was paying attention to the road as I was driving!

This Saturday and Sunday is the Salt Fork River Art Festival at Sleepy Creek Vineyards.  Mom and I love this place!  Our friends Joe and Dawn started the winery from scratch and if you are ever in Illinois I highly recommend stopping in!  Their wine slushies are to die for and the wines are awesome; I especially like Three Amigos!

I thought I would share some photographs from last years show.  The show is so relaxing and it is neat seeing the customers walk around with wine slushies, wine bottles and glasses of wine in their hands enjoying the art booths!  This is the third year for the show and each year just gets better and better.  Joe and Dawn do a fabulous job and they both work their butts off! 

Entrance to the Winery

People Wine Tasting
People Walking Around

Booths by the Pond

Grape Vines
Barn through the Trees

This is a very enjoyable weekend and mom and I are so looking forward to it.  Like I said, if you happen to be near Danville or Champaign, Illinois, I highly recommend stopping by the vineyard.  There will be art booths, wine, food and lots of fun!

Don't worry, I will have more pictures to post on Monday or Tuesday.  I am so excited for this weekend, if you couldn't tell!!!!


  1. Oh I would so love to be there!!! It looks so pretty and I happen to love the look of old barns! I hope you have a great time and awesome sales. Tell Mom I'm sorry she has to pack again so soon but she is so good at it!


  2. That is SUCH a lovely setting! I actually remembered to pack my camera so I can take pictures of my show this weekend. Hope some of them turn out!

  3. Beautiful pictures. The winery looks like such a great place for a show.

  4. Looks really nice, oh I miss green so much!!! Glad you had a great time. We did have the harvest moon last night, it was amazing. If I could sprout wings I would go there. We used to live less than a mile from all the wineries and a brewery in Woodinville, WA. At the Art Festivals we stumbled around after wine tasting looking at art and listening to music and then walked home..
    I miss that and all the green... yes did I say all the green.


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