Monday, June 29, 2020

Art Elements June Theme - Solstice

Sun Bowl we made back in 2012. We sawed out the pattern on the copper,
formed the bowl into shape, and then enameled it in a kiln.
The Art Elements Theme of the Month is the Summer Solstice. Mom and I actually created two pieces for this month's theme.

I was bad this month - I didn't take many pictures of the process. I am going to blame the heat for this because, dang, is it hot.

Here are the pictures I did take of the process:

Mom actually sawed out this whole piece - I usually saw out
the perimeter. But, I am not complaining!

This is after mom has filed and sanded the piece. It is ready
for enameling.

This is the sun goddess pendant - sorry for no before pics.
Both mom and I weren't thinking. Mom sawed out
both pendants and then I will enamel them together.

Hopefully what it will look like when I enamel both
pieces together.

I did a huge enameling session that day. This is all the pieces I worked on. The
notebook is a list of colors I was going to use to enamel each piece.

One of the layers of enamel waiting to dry before I put in the kiln.
 Okay - here are the final pieces for this month's theme:

 Mom and I love creating the "Green Man" plates. We have done several plates and some pendants (which there are four for sale in the Etsy shop). Now that I am done with pictures mom will put this piece into a shadow box to display. When I enameled this piece I used crackle enamel to give it this look. I LOVE how it turned out!!!

The final piece is the "Sun Goddess" pendant we made. I am really happy with the way the pendant turned out. I am not sure mom really likes the colors of the sun, but we will make it work. I still haven't decided what kind of beads to use to make a necklace with this pendant. I want to use some of our lampwork glass beads, but I have to figure out what colors to use. I also need to go through our bead stash to see what we have. I am looking forward to seeing this being completed.

So, that is my blog post for this month.

If you want to see what everyone has created please had over to the Art Elements Community on Facebook. There is a photo album for each month's theme. Here is the album for this month's theme. Enjoy!

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