Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Critique

Last night, 5/4/09, was our last critique in ceramics. This is when everyone was supposed to bring in their final project and anything else that had not been graded since mid-term. Everyone did an awesome job!
I was able to get photos of some of the final projects before the students packed them away.
Sculpture based on Fall of Icarus
Sculpture of a Bonsai tree - to show the students love of working with the Bonsai tree
Sculpture of Nefratari
Sculpture of a collage images from Dadaism
Sculpture of the "Goddess Tree". Face coming out of a tree
Sorry, I do not know why the image is uploading sideways. This image is of windows and doors and is based from Expressionism and Cubism. The color was chosen from Van Gogh's Yellow House.
Sculpture is based on a song the student liked about a mysterious woman. The woman is from the Victorian era who is melting away because she does not exist in real life.

The student based this sculpture off of photographs of the skull of a saber tooth tiger. There was a mishap when the piece was fired and it exploded. The student and two others pieced what they could back together.

The sculpture is based on a song the student was listening to and doodled. The group sings songs that are child like so the student choose a roller skate because it was from their childhood. This sculpture also had a mishap in the kiln while being fired.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thrown Cylinders Not Graded

When I was done building my projects, the projects were in different stages of being fired, so I did not have anything to do in class. I decided to throw some cylinders for fun. I threw some cylinders for ladies at work and I threw some cylinders with different shapes. I really like how those cylinders turned out. I am sooooo looking forward to next semesters ceramics class!
Here are photos of what I did.

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