Friday, November 30, 2018

Victory - Completed the Migration

Yesterday I completed the migration from the Purdue on-premise SharePoint environment to the PRF Cloud SharePoint environment. I migrated 61 sites in four days. Though all I really had to do was make sure no one had add anything new to their sites because I slowly migrated all their stuff over in the last few weeks (then had to create re-direct links, hide the stuff on the old site, load anything new, and give everyone permissions to the new sites). I had already created the sites before I did the migration, so I wasn't trying to create as I migrated data.

Though I did migrate four sites before this big migration. One was migrated on August 6th and the other three were migrated on November 5th. Two of those sites were the hardest we had and I had consultants help with that migration. I created the sites and the consultants moved the data. The other two sites were created by one of my co-workers and just wanted it migrated when I migrated the one site on November 5th.

Now that the hard part is done - it is going to clean up the fixes. There is one site we are having issues with - so next week, after training - we will spend time trying to figure out the problem.

Then, after all the fixes, it is completing my whole list of other things I want to get done on the SharePoint sites.

I have to say this has been one of the hardest things I have done. But, I feel really proud of myself and how far I have come since I started this project. I have learned so much (which I have documented) and I can't wait to learn more.

Okay - I am done tooting my own horn (for a little bit).

While I was doing day job work - mom was doing some things in the studio.

Mom glued down a bunch of plate, bowl and pendant patterns to the copper.

Mom then moved all the copper, bench pins and saws into the computer room because it has been WAY too cold to work in the garage.

This mom, today, in her PJs and UGG slippers working on sawing out and sanding small ThumBOWLina bowls. She has seven of them sawed out and sanded - now she needs to pound them into shape. I think I will enamel this weekend - the bowls and maybe some earrings.

Until that is done - here is some photos I have been playing with. This past summer we had a show in Danville, IL. It was a two day show. On Saturday, there was a car show and I took a quick break and did a walk around the old cars. These are some of those photos.


Monday, November 26, 2018

New Items Listed - And Blogging Again

I am sure this is how I am going to be looking by the end of Thursday. Today is the day I start migrating our on-premise SharePoint sites to a Cloud environment.

This has been a two year project, but I really started working on it this past February. This is when we started working with consultants to help me move the two hardest sites we had. There were just things on the sites I did not know how to migrate or start a new numbering system on. So, I was able to hire consultants to help with that.

Everything else I created (with lots of help with the committee that was put together). Those people, on the committee, were a joy to work with. I could not have done, or completed, this project without them. It is so great when you can get a group of people together and the ideas just fly!!! I love the collaboration that came from this committee!

This has been one big learner experience for me and I have loved it (for the most part). It has been awesome - I have at least learned something new each day.

So, before the launch starts today - I took last week off to de-stress. Of course it wasn't a relaxing week - a lot was done.

I know I keep saying I will start back to blogging - but it has been difficult. I just haven't had the heart to sit down and type things out. Maybe set a goal of one post a week, and if I do more, it is a plus.

This is a long post with lots of pictures.

New desk layout

New setup for photos

Where we will work on sawing out pieces
One of the projects mom wanted to work on was cleaning up the computer room.

Mom wanted to re-paint the walls and then put up our pictures we just had framed. We also wanted to take out the extra furniture we weren't using.

Both mom and I are really happy with the new look and it has so much more space! Mom says she isn't freaked out now when she walks into the room.

Once we finished the computer room - I got out all of our inventory that I have not taken pictures of so that I could start listing on Etsy.

For me - I listed A LOT!

Photo by my nephew Skyler

Photo by my nephew Skyler
The above photos were taken by my nephew Skyler. He also is learning how to edit the photos and make them fun. So, I have 10 of his metal prints in our Etsy store. Both mom and I are really proud of him.

Be Fearless

Be You and Own It

Hear Me Roar

Live Long & Prosper

Live Your Goal

Live Your Truth

Stand Tall - Walk Proud

Wake Up - Kick Ass - Repeat
These are our hand stamped copper key chains. We saw out the square and then I hand stamp the sayings on the copper. I then use a hammer to texture a few of the pieces or I hammer the copper on our garage to put texture on the copper. Then the copper is soaked in Liver of Sulfur and sanded. Then it is sprayed with a lacquer to stop the patina. Mom then makes the tassels from faux suede and assembles it all. I think mom and I have the most fun coming up with the sayings. We even have had friends give us ideas.
Heart Balloon pendant

Hummingbird pendant

Blue Shell Turtle pendant

Stenciled Elephant pendant

Heart Pendant
Horse pendant

Yellow/Green Shell Turtle pendant

Frog pendant

Orange Shell Turtle Pendant

Purple Shell Turtle Pendant

Red Stenciled Elephant Pendant

Grey/Purple Heart Pendant
These are just some of the new handsawed out and enameled pendants that I have listed in the Etsy shop. I still need to work on the double-sided pendants and get them edited and then listed. I just need to take it slowly.

Bee Dog Tag

Forest and Pond Dog Tag

Abstract Tree Dog Tag
I also listed new "Photo Dog Tags". These are photos (and my nephew's photos) that have been infused into aluminum. They are listed with the other dog tags in the Etsy shop.

Faux Leather Enameled Copper Cuff

Faux Leather Enameled Copper Cuff

Faux Leather Enameled Copper Cuff
Faux Leather Enameled Copper Cuff
Not for sale - dandelion enameled copper bar on faux leather bracelet
Not for sale - dandelion enameled copper bar on faux leather bracelet
I have just started making these enameled copper bracelet bars and attaching them to faux leather bracelets that are adjustable. The dandelion bracelet bar is for me - plus I wanted to test wear these bracelets to make sure they would hold up. I figure if they last with me anyone can wear them. I have the two listed in the shop now and I have several in the works.

Enameled copper earrings
Today I took photos of our enameled copper earrings. I now have to go through them all, pick the best photos, edit the photos and then list in our Etsy shop. That will take a while, but I will get it done.

I will try and do better on the blogging - plus I have to share with you if I survive the following week of migration. I am being positive. Everything is in place - I just have to redirect everyone to the sites and give them the directions. Of course that means that people actual have to read the directions first. But I am being positive!
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