Friday, August 5, 2016

A Lot to Catch Up On

First fun thing:

Brian and I in the back
Kaitlyn, mom and Skyler
We had the kids starting the last week of June and the first week of July. They are getting so big - and they are teenagers. When did that happen????

We did our annual All Fired Up the first day we had them at home. I really hope the kids don't get to big to stop doing this. I think it is a lot of fun and I actually think Skyler likes it too - though he pretends he doesn't.

One weekend we went up to Wisconsin Dells and stayed for three days. We were at the Wilderness Resort and there sure was a lot to do. This day we did three different putt putt courses. And I actually got a picture of the kids without them hiding.

I think we wore Kaitlyn out this night - because she stayed in the room to sleep. So mom, Skyler and I went out to have fun. Mom and I rode the Go Karts, did lazer maze and then played lazer tag - which was a blast. Skyler was actually smiling and laughing a few times.

Mom couldn't do this - so I did the Zipline with Kaitlyn. I was a little worried at first - but after the first line it was a lot of fun. I told Kaitlyn if she wants to do it again next year I would do it with her.

I think the only thing Skyler really wanted to do was learn how to shoot. We have an indoor range near where we live - so mom called to set up a session for someone to teach Skyler all the basics. How to properly shoot the weapon, weapon safety, and how to clean the weapon. Dang, that boy had some tight shot groups - I was really impressed. I am sure grandma was in ecstatic - she used to be on the rifle team when she was a kid. So, it was nice that her and Skyler could do this together.

I had to share this picture because we almost got Skyler to smile in a pic. They are both such cuties - but I am sure they don't like to hear that from their Aunt Beth.

And the last picture - the day my brother came and got the kids. It was a whirl wind two weeks - but I loved every minute of it!

Second fun thing:

My friend Lisa and I went up to Ann Arbor this year (didn't have a chance to make it last year). It was great to be there again - but HOT, HOT, HOT. There were a lot of new artists and only so much money I could spend (I actually stayed in budget - only went over by $5).

And of course the fire hydrants. I took as many pics of the fire hydrants as I could because I noticed that they have started painting the hydrants red - two of my favorite fire hydrants were re-painted. I was so not happy - how dare they paint my fire hydrants :)

Third Fun Thing:

Mom and I were asked to be the feature artist this year at the Monticello, Broadway Art Show. It was a great honor. They let us set up some of our things in the display case, in the library. The window is in the main hallway as people come in - they get to see our stuff.

We were also asked to do a morning interview at our local TV station. I said sure, of course I know mom wasn't happy about it - but I thought what a great opportunity to show off some of our work.

It was also interesting to see how the morning news is put on.

Here is the link to the actual interview
There could only be two of us doing the interview, so mom was off to the side watching. I am at the end and Monica, the person in charge of the show, is in the middle. I talked for about 20 seconds and then let Monica do the rest of the talking. Mom said I did really good - because I was not going to watch myself on TV!

Fourth Fun Thing:
Because of the kids being here, me going to Ann Arbor, and then doing inventory for the show - there really hasn't been time to make things. But, the night before the show I got an overwhelming itch to create bracelets (I usually don't like creating bracelets because they are so hard for us). I think all of them turned out great.

"Be the Change" polymer clay from Swoon Dimples, our lampwork
glass beads and accent beads.

Jasper, our lampwork glass beads, and accent beads.

Fire Agate, our lampwork beads and accent beads.

Our enameled lotus cuff, our lampwork glass beads and moonstone.

Smoky Quartz, our lampwork glass beads, accent beads and the closure
is a button
Last fun thing:

I think the Broadway show was a great success. This is our booth set up before the show started.

A picture of mom and me before the show actually started.

My favorite metal print "Dandelion" sold. And then we were contacted by the customer asking if she could purchase two more of those prints - so mom and I were really excited!

Our big statement piece - Vortex - also sold. Mom and I were sad it was sold - but really happy that the necklace is going to a good home :)

Mom and I are also working on making up more Viking Knit chain. We also had a special order of Viking Knit chain for a customer who bought our enameled copper dragon pendant. She would like the pendant to be attached to the Viking Knit. So, excited!

Now - mom and I need to get the garage in order so we can start working on making more stuff. I have five pendants ready to enamel. Mom is working on a plate that needs to be enameled and I can't wait to share with you when it is done. We also have five trays of things in various states of completion - so need to finish those too. Also, we have ice cub trays filled with lampwork bead pairs that need to be made into earrings. So, lots to do.

We also submitted our application for a new show that is in the Indianapolis area - so we hope to expand into a new location. I am not sure when we will find out if we are accepted - they jury group is supposed to meet today.

So, our next show will be the end of September - Art on the Wabash. So, need to create, create, create.

I will share pics once we get things made up.
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