Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Camera December 2008

I have been having issues with the camera we have been using to take pictures of the jewelry. Overall I really love the camera, but I have not been happy with how the jewelry pictures have been turning out.

I actually did some research before going to buy a new camera. I knew I wanted stabilization, good macro, face recognition, and several other options.

During Christmas at my aunt’s house I was talking to Bob, my cousin’s husband, and he was telling me that everyone in their family had a Canon and they all loved the camera.

So, the day after Christmas mom and I went to Best Buy. A sales associate came over to help me, I told her all the things I was looking for and she pointed me to the Cannon I bought.

There is a cool feature, that I can’t wait to try, where you can take a picture of the jewelry and the jewelry stays in color, but the things around the jewelry will be in black and white.

I am seriously thinking of taking new pictures of all the inventory again. It will be a pain in the rear, but if I can get better photos of the pieces I think I would be really very happy. (yes we all know how much a perfectionist I can be, but what can I say)

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