Friday, January 16, 2009

Ceramics Second Day of Class

The second day of class we had three more people show up. Siggy went over the first section of the book and then collected money for the Indiana Clay.

Siggy did a demo today. We are learning how to throw a slab so that we can make a cylinder out of it. Siggy makes it look so easy. The one thing I am worried about is my wrists giving out, here comes tons of Advil to save the dayJ

After Siggy showed us the demo she sent us off to try to do it on our own. Siggy commented that now is the time that the swearing will commence. It actually was not that bad and it is a great way to relieve your stress if you are having a bad day. Get a clump of clay and bound the sucker to death.

Siggy was not kidding that it would be hard. I think it took me four times throwing the slab before I got a decent thickness to the clay to use to make my cylinder. I did get the body of the cylinder and the bottom done. I ran out of time to make the handle. I did find out that I need to use a smaller ball of clay to work with. I think the big ball of clay I was working with was to much.

I am going to have to go and work in the studio on Friday. I am looking forward to it, which surprised me.

I am going to try and take photographs on Friday of my half finished cylinder and I hope I can get one made up on Friday.

So far it seems like the Ceramics class is going fine. I just hope the rest of the semester goes as well.

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