Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inspired Fire on Friday and Saturday - 1/2 and 1/3/09

Mom asked me to go to Inspired Fire with her on Friday. To be honest I did not really want to go. When we got to Inspired Fire Sophia, Gabby’s daughter was awake. So, I had to hold Sophia until I couldn’t get her to stop crying and then I went to Gabby for help.

I decided to make up black and gold feathered beads. Julie Hendon wanted some black and gold feathered beads for earrings. I have not had a chance to make up any beads before the end of the semester, so this was a perfect time to make up some beads.

Julie had mentioned that she wanted beads less than 1 inch long, so I made up several barrel beads and round beads. You can tell I don’t make up barrel beads that often because I am not happy with how they look. Of course because I don’t like the beads doesn’t mean that Julie won’t like them.

On Saturday mom wanted me to show her how to make a Pyrex pendant. I first told her I had to make a practice pendant since I had not made a pendant since coming back from Penland. I forgot how time intensive it was to make up the pendants.

I know I frustrated mom a few times on telling her that she was not making the pendant hot enough to stick the glass inside of it to make designs. If looks could kill J But mom loves me, so I am still alive today, yippee!

While mom was making Pyrex pendants I decided to experiment with copper foil that mom bought awhile go. It is interesting to see what the copper does on white beads. I made two beads with the copper foil and transparent red dots. I also decided to make a ring with a white base and the copper foil on top with two flowers as accent.

I also made two beads that were small fishscale beads. I love how they turned out. I used black glass as a base color with light green and transparent green for the dots.

I made up two jelly fish beads and a jelly fish ring, and I made four other miscellaneous rings.

I am thinking of making up more of the green fishscale beads to make a necklace or bracelet with the sterling silver cats I casted a few years ago that I have tried to decide what to do with. I just need to weigh the silver and find out how much an ounce is going for so I can price the piece once I get it made up.

After mom and I left Inspired Fire I realized how much I did miss making beads. I think I get burned out from school and I don’t want to do or make anything related to art work. Once I started making beads or enamel copper I realize how much I miss making things. I so cannot wait until my GI Bill money runs out and I am through with school. Though I may just take a year off from school and then just take one class a semester.

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