Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review and Goals

Well, it is almost the New Year, 2012.  Can you believe it???  Where does the time go I ask?  They aren't kidding, after you hit 30 time sure does fly.  If you would like to see what our year in a review was last year just click here.

This year for us has been good.  We did a total of eight shows and one of those shows was a new one. 

Mom and I found out about the Square.  OMG, if you don't have it for your credit cards mom and I so recommend this device!!!!!  It is so much easier to use than the knuckle buster and hardly any fees.  I think the only fee is what they take out to process and that is it.  All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or Droid.  The bestest investment we made this year!

The earrings are Enameled Copper and our
Lampwork Beads

We were published in three magazines:

We participated in two Bead Soup Blog Parties - love the work and detail that Lori puts into this party!!!

We participated in 10 of the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges.  We are going to be late on the December challenge again, but hey, it is the thought that counts.

I re-vamped the blog and the Etsy site in the last few months.  I was tired of the way the blog was looking plus I learned how to add tabs to the top of the blog all on my own, which I think is a feat in of itself.

Mom and I talked over what we were going to sell in the Etsy shop.  Because the bowls and jewelry weren't selling we decided to take those out of the shop and just sell the enameled pendants, lampwork beads and Viking Knit.  That seemed to go over really well.  Two of the ladies I blog follow, and love their work, purchased beads from the store.  So, that made us feel really good.

We hit most of our goals from last year, but we still need to work on re-motivating mom and myself and get mom on the torch again.

Our goals for this year:
  • Work on the photography
    • I did start a blog called EB (Evie and Beth) Photo Journal
    • I want to see what mom and I can do with the photography in the next year.  If having two blogs becomes too much for me than I may let that blog go 
    • Sell some of the photos that mom and I think are really good
  • Be published in magazines
    • We still want to work on being published in Bead Trends and Stringing but we want to try other magazines
  • Participate in more challenges
  • Participate in more swaps or collaborations
  • Work more on the torch, for both of us
  • Saw, Saw, Saw and Enamel, Enamel, Enamel more
  • Try to get into more juried shows
What is your year in review like?  I hope it was a good one too.  See you in the new year. 



  1. Phew! You guys are incredible with all you do. So much! You make me start to think about my own goals...time to get specific!
    I wish you both all the best for the coming New Year of 2012. May it bring you health, happiness and all the things on your list! Have fun, too.

  2. What a busy year! Here's to 2012!

  3. Awesome look back and forward! I'm totally at a loss for next year -- will write about it tomorrow.

  4. Wow Beth, that was some year you had and you still manage to hold down a full time away from home job.
    You and your Mom have helped make my year a little better just by reading your blog and having a laugh or two and a tear or two. I have also enjoyed creating with the items I got from you Etsy store.
    Wishing you and your Mom all the best in 2012!

  5. What I love about the New Year is fresh starts, new goals and a look at last years accomplishments. You have accomplished so much and it has been really fun reading about you and your mom working together. I am keeping this years goals very simple. Long lists just overwhelm me. I try to do what I can each day to create beauty the rest is Serendipity.
    Please stop by and enter my two year blog anniversary giveaway.
    Happy New Year!


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