Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Blog for Photos

Well, it is almost the new year and one of the things mom and I want to do in 2012 is focus more on the photography.  Mom says I have an addictive personality, give me something and I run hell bent for leather with it and I guess it is true as you see with the new blog.

Yesterday I created a new blog to focus on the photography: EB (Evie and Beth) Photo Journal.  Mom is a little worried I am taking on too much and I am sure she is correct, but I so want to do something with all the pictures we have been taking.  I know some of the photos are good enough to sell, but we will wait and see on that.

This blog is still my main focus but I want to take a year and see what happens with the photography.  I am still drooling all over the Canon Rebel T3 DSLR and I hope one day mom and I will be able to afford that camera, but for now I have my handy dandy point and shoot Canon PowerShot and I think it does a great job.

I am off to make sure mom is still in bed.  She got her last shot of the year this morning and she was a little bit more loopy than usual.  At least she didn't get sick this time, so that is a plus in my book.  I am back to work tomorrow and then we have Friday and Monday off.  I also plan on taking January 5th through the 10th off since I didn't take any vacation over the holidays.  I hope to work on beads and maybe help mom saw out a few things.  I have been nagging mom to write up directions for two necklaces I want to submit to magazines, so hope to get that done this weekend.

I hope you all have a great holiday, I am sure I will post again about the year in review and our plans for 2012.  Well, you already have a sneak peek on one of our goals.  Have a great one!


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to see!!

  2. Beth, a photo blog sounds like a wonderful idea, I like your photos. Hope your Mom gets to feeling better real soon.

  3. I am just catching up with everyone - I don't know where the time goes. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and good luck with the new blog! That first photo is gorgeous!!! XOXO

  4. It's so beautiful. I like it! Congratulations to a job well done!

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