Monday, October 14, 2013

Update on Extension - Almost Done!

I know this isn't a picture of the extension but I had to share it - this is my mushmellow Mishka.  Give him a blanket and he will be happy kneading it and sucking on it.  That is his comfort plus he is so darn cute I have to share pics of him.

Okay - one with the show.  This Saturday the electrician was over and he installed all the lights, ceiling fans, sockets for the lights and electrical.  He forgot the fuse box door but he is supposed to bring it over today.  The furnace and AC is supposed to go in this week and I think it is touch up stuff and replace my screen door and then inspection time.  Please, oh please, let it be over this week!

Well - here are the pictures of the extension with lights and trim!

This is the door from the computer room to my bedroom

The ceiling fan in the bedroom
Trim around the window and you can sort of see the door - they
bought the trim natural and then stained it and put a
polyurethane coat on the stain - mom and I love it.  I think
mom, when she has the money, will have the rest of the house
done like my part of the house.

The two lights in my closet.

The ceiling fan in the living room.

Light in the hallway.

The lights are installed in the bathroom - love that window!!!!

Light and electrical sockets are up - it sure does finish off the room!
This is the stack of artwork I took off my walls and took over to mom's house.
Right now they are stored in her closet - I also have artwork up on the
shelves.  We also cleaned out the curio cabinets and took all the glass
stuff over to her house and they are in this closet and one other closet so
the glass does not get broken.
A list of stuff mom and I finished up on Sunday.  We were sure
busy bees on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully this will be done
and over with in the next few weeks!
So, those are all the pics from this weekend. 

Tonight mom and I are working in her yard - I am mowing and mom maybe weed wacking (seriously I am dangerous with a weed wacker!).  I think I will also work on the rest of my closet and dresser - need to go through the clothes and decide what I am taking and what is going to Goodwill. 

I am not sure what else is on the agenda this week but mom and I will keep you posted!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. Hi Beth,
    Beautiful kitty! I am so glad to see and hear that the extension is just about complete and that you will be able to fully move into soon.


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