Friday, October 4, 2013

Child of God Blog Hop

Today is the reveal of Miss Erin's Child of God blog hop.

Back in August Erin had a story bead give away on her blog.  Erin was giving away two of her wonderful beads and all you needed to do was a leave a comment answering this question:

If you are a Child of God and you can do anything, what is that anything you would want to do?

My answer was:
Again happy birthday and I am glad you were able to take some of it to do something for you!

Thanks for sharing the story of Erv - he sounds like a wonderful man to be friends with!

I would love to do something more for our military veterans. I especially want to do something at my university for them - I would love to have a Veterans Culture Center as a place to gather for events or have the ROTC students to come over and meet with veterans and hear their stories. A place to collect all the stories of our veterans who are alums and share them with the next generation.

Thanks again for this awesome post!

Isn't that bead just plain gorgeous!  You can see more of Erin's Child of God beads in her Etsy store.  I always feel so privileged to work with Erin's pieces and she has outdone herself with these beads!

Now I feel bad because I totally forgot that today is October 4th, the blog hop day.  I even forgot it was October until we received Erin's email last night reminding us.  Erin I sincerely apologize for the following photos but I wanted to create a post to share what mom and I created with your wonderful bead.  I will work on taking better pictures tonight to share.

This is me, this morning, trying to get a picture of the necklace - was having issues with the camera so got mom to take some more pictures when I got to her house.

The lampwork glass beads are made by mom and me, the Viking Knit is also made by mom and me and then of course Erin's Child of God bead.

A close up of our beads - gray with pink frit.

A close up of Erin's Child of God Bead.

This necklace can actually be worn three different ways - the way I am wearing it now happens to be my favorite. 

First way is the bead is on the Viking Knit and the beads are in the back.

Second way is how I am wearing it in the photograph - the hoop all the way up the side of beads.

Third way is just having the toggle clasp in the front hanging down.

I will work on taking updated pictures tonight but I wanted to write this post for Erin's blog hop and share what she sent us.  Oh, I have had a lot of wonderful feedback on the necklace and Erin's beads.  You do good work Miss Erin!


  1. Love your answer to her question...we can never do enough for our vets...i am forever grateful for their sacrifices ,

    Your pictures are great, the necklace is fantastic, love the viking knit and would love to try to tackle that someday! Beautiful!

  2. It makes me so happy to know that you won this bead, Miss Beth! I think your design is fabulous. I especially love the multiple ways it can be worn. Viking knit! Wow! That looks great! And I always love your glass beads. Thank you for sharing this beautiful design and for being such a dear friend. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Hi Beth,
    First congratulations on winning one of Erin's fabulous beads and your answer to her question was awesome. Vets really do not get the recognition that they deserve, there is so much we as American citizens can learn from their experiences. I love the necklace and the multiple ways it can be worn. I took a viking knit class a few months ago and it is a fun stitch to do but, I do not think mine will ever look and good as yours. Your lamp worked glass beads match Erin's bead perfectly.

  4. Beth, I love your idea of creating a space to archive and preserve the memories and firsthand accounts of veterans in your area. And I always love your collaborations with your Mom and what better prompt to jumpstart creativity than a story bead from Erin. Beautiful!


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