Monday, October 21, 2013

Recap of Weekend - Cleaning, House Update, Art Show and Classic Car Show

Reville with my new book The Missing Link

This weekend was pretty busy.  Mom and I took Friday off to work on my house.  We had Goodwill come over and pick up the larger items I could not fit in the back of my car.  I also worked on cleaning the kitty cabinet, that is out in the garage, and mowed my lawn.  Also, finally, my book arrived The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer.  I had so much fun looking through the book and both mom and I have ideas and we can't wait to try some of those links!

House Update - yes I am sure you are sick of these updates but the house is getting closer to being completed.  Jim, our contractor was over at the house working on stuff while we were packing up the car on Friday for our Saturday show.

 They have taken the paper off the wood floors - they need to still put quarter round on the trim and floor.

The toilet has been installed.
The thermostat for the heated floors is installed and is on.

Bathroom sink faucet is installed.

Tape is on the walls marking where all the touch-ups need to be made to the paint on the walls.  This week, crossing our fingers for this, the furnace and AC is supposed to be installed.  I hope to goodness they are done this week because I don't think mom and I can do much more of this.  It is the never ending construction project and this would only happen to us :)  I am so ready to move back home!!!!

Table set up - inventory is pretty low

Saturday was a show in Delphi.  This year we were indoors - thank goodness because it was cold and rainy in the morning.  Just unpacking in the rain was not fun and I tell you I would have been bitching the whole morning if I was cold.

Rack of our pictures

We had a nice spot in the corner of the building and people had to walk by us to get to either of the rooms in the building.

Rack of shadow boxes with our enameled plates
Even though the show is indoors mom and I are wiped by the end of the day.  This show was actually pretty long - it went till 6pm.  I had been up before 6am and I was sooo ready for bed!

As you can see mom was not too thrilled with me taking her pictures.  She reminds me of Kaitlyn and Skyler when they know they are doing something bad :)

Sunday mom and I actually slept in a whole extra half hour.  We started the day at 8am by going to breakfast and then heading home and working in the studio/garage.  The contractors finished the dry walling and putting in insulation last week and the studio was a mess.  Everything is wiped down and put away and projects are laid out for us to work on.  We had a woman want one of our necklaces but it was too long and we didn't bring our tools.  So, we need to restring it tonight and contact her to see if she still would like to purchase it.  I have several necklaces I have to put back together after fixing the pendants.  We have one necklace that is way to short that we want to re-string for our next show.  Plus I have the Missing Link sitting out ready to use!!!

Mom and I also went to a classic car show to take some new pictures.  It was a gorgeous day and both of us had a great time walking around, looking at the cars and taking pictures.

I think this one is great - mom took it through the side mirror looking into the car.

So, that was the weekend.  I am sure this week will be just as jammed pack with working in the studio and me working on my house.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. Your show setup looks fantastic! I hope you enjoy Cindy's new is fabulous! I gotta tell ya, my favorite pic is the one of your mom and your creative editing! hang in will be all moved in before you know it!


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