Saturday, October 12, 2013

Salt Fork River Festival Recap

Mom posing with a bag of trail mix.
Well, I know it is a little late for the Salt Fork River Festival recap but I still wanted to share some of the photos from the two day sale.  This art show is held at our friends winery Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Illinois.  This is our favorite show of the year and we always look forward to the show rolling around.

Mom and I are always in the same location - between a pathway of trees looking out onto the pond.  I think if anyone swiped our spot, mom would physically move them - you don't mess with mom :)  It is also great because we are right next to the hummingbird feeder - saw plenty but couldn't get the camera out quick enough to take pictures.

This is the view of the pond from my seat this year.  It is so cool to just look out on the pond, hear the wind rustling through the trees and talk with customers.  A very relaxing weekend - but still hard work too.

A picture of our booth from across the pond.  Both mom and I get up throughout the day to walk around and take pictures.

This is a white board telling about all the different activities that were happening on Saturday and Sunday.  Joe and Dawn always have live entertainment throughout both days.  It is awesome being able to hear all the different groups that they have performing.

One of the musical acts - he played both Saturday and Sunday and it was freaking awesome.  He also used PVC pipes too for his music - who would have known you could use PVC pipes to make music.

Some of the vendors and customers walking around.

There was a wine tasting tent outside or you could go inside to taste your wine.

The winery through the trees.

The next images are of the trees, butterfly, and vines that mom I took over the two days we were at the show.  I was playing with a new photo editing site that I just love - BeFunky.

A butterfly I came across

Grapes that were left on the vines

Trees against the sky - love playing with the editing tools

You can see the vines through the break in the trees

Mom took this pic - some sort of seed pods near the pond

Another tree against the sky

My favorite pic - the vines with trees and sky in the background
So, that is the recap of the show.  If you are every near Fairmont, IL I seriously recommend stopping at Sleepy Creek Vineyards and checking out the place.  Mom and I go there to just relax, drink some wine, talk with Joe and Dawn and knit.

Update on the extension:
Crossing our fingers that they are finally done next week.  As of right now, the plumber and electrician is in the extension putting up my ceiling fans, lights for the closet and bathroom.  The furnace and AC are supposed to go in next week.  Yesterday they worked on mom's yard by laying down 15 tons of dirt, grass seed and straw.

Mom and I have not had a chance to work in the studio at all and I think I am serious creating withdrawal.  We are going to have to clean the studio again because there is insulation stuff everywhere.  We also need to put the studio back together again because the contractors moved stuff around (like my kilns - I can't work with how they put them back - going to have to set the studio back to rights).

Please cross your fingers with mom and I that they are done next week.  The following week I can move and clean my house and put it on the market.  Once I am moved back in - then mom and I can start making pieces again.  SERIOUSLY - I never thought I would say I miss creating!


  1. So glad the extension is about finished. So worth the final product but sometimes tough to put up with all the hassle.

  2. Gorgeous photos! And so many beautiful things in your booth! I haven't done my first art show yet, but when I do, I want to find a venue like Salt Fork!

  3. I have never done an outdoor show-this one sounds like it was a blast! As requested, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and your mom! Good luck!


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