Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quick Extension Update

You can see the corner of the roof timber behind mom's shed

The subcontractors for the concrete slab finally came in and put the pea gravel in.  I guess the subcontractors were supposed to have all of this done last week.

Because our contractors had the wood delivered so they could start framing yesterday.  Needless to say our contractors are not happy with the sub-contractors.  They had to go with a new company because the contractor they usually used found out he had cancer and was not able to do the job so they looked for a new company.  I don't think they will use this company again.

Mom and I feel for the guys but at least it is really rolling now.  I am not sure what is next after the pea gravel is in - don't know if they city engineer needs to come back in and inspect before the cement goes in or what.  Maybe mom and I will have a nice surprise tonight when we get to her house and the concrete has been laid.

I know this picture doesn't go with the extension update but I thought I would share it.  This is George Burns my honking big rose bush.  I seriously don't do anything to the rose bush - just let it do what it wants to do.  Though mom did tell me to by a trellis so we could reign George in because he was covering the sidewalk (he was my moat to keep people away!).  Two of my friends think we can dig him up and take him to mom's house after I move in because I love my George Burns and the greenhouse I bought him from doesn't have any this year.  I really don't think we are going to be dig him up and that will be sad day for me - I don't like gardening at all and mom asks me each year why did I buy I house if I didn't like the yard work (I ask myself that each year as we fix my yard all over again).

So, that is an update on the extension and pic of George Burns.  Depending on the weather (if it is nice I plan on painting trim) I may take pics of the pendants mom and I enameled this weekend and get them posted out on Etsy.  Mom has finished sawing out another Koi plate that I plan on enameling this weekend and I have several clasps I want to get sawed out and ready to enamel also.  So, even though it is a short week it is a busy week.

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