Friday, May 17, 2013

Extension Update and Flowers

My bedroom

They are moving along with the extension on the back of mom's house.  They have the footers in and mom and I are crossing our fingers that they will pour the slab today.  It looks small but mom and I keep telling ourselves our houses looked the same way and we didn't think they could get all the rooms on the slab that they did.  Of course I just need a place to sleep and I am happy :)

I am excited and freaked out.  Worry about moving my stuff over, moving the cats over, selling or donating the stuff I don't want, getting my house ready to put on the market, freaking out about the house being on the market and all of the other odds and ends.  This is what mom and I both want but it can be a little scary too, but we will make it work!!!

Okay, now onto the flowers.  If you didn't know mom and I LOVE taking pics of flowers.  It is fun going back through the old pics and seeing how much we have improved on our picture taking skills.  Mom even said my eye has improved and I notice more things than I did when I first started taking pics - nice compliment from mom because she use to take professional style pics with the old film cameras :)

So, the first three images are of my clematis at my house that have started to bloom.

These two different clematis bushes are in front of my door and I love them.  I don't do anything to take care of them and the blooms are huge (mom hates my guts for that).  I am soooo going to miss them when I move but at least I will have pics to remember them by.

The rest of the pics are from the hort park near where I work.  I love that place because there are so many different flowers to take pics of.  I don't want to bore you too much so I am only going to share a couple of pics but there will be more!

I was having fun watching this squirrel running in and out of this hole in the tree.  He was watching me for awhile as I was taking his pic.

There are these huge peony bushes that have gorgeous blooms on them.  Both mom and I took a lot of pics of them - they are huge!!!!  There are about six of these bushes and the flowers are about as big as dinner plates.

I love these flowers - not sure what they are - they just look so alien. I only had two pics turn out decent because it was windy when mom and I were over taking pics last Sunday.

Finally more clematis pics - if you can't tell I like the clematis!  These were growing up a fence and they are just perfect!

Mom and I should be working in the studio this weekend because we have a special order and we need to work on this months ABS Challenge piece.  I hope to have pics to share of what we have accomplished this weekend.  It is Friday - have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

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