Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Flowers and Extension Update

I am sure you all will get tired of me updating you about the extension but I am excited and I want to share.  Though I am sure it is TMI for some of you, but you will just have to suck it up for another two months :)  Here is an image of the plumbing for the bathroom.  Now the city inspector has to come in on Friday and once they have his/her green light they can lay the concrete.  No, that isn't all the plumbing because some of it is going through mom's attic into the extension - not sure what all of this is but as long as they know what they are doing and the city engineer approves it and I have a shower and toilet that works I don't care!

Mom and I went to the hort park this past weekend.  All of the bearded tongue iris were blooming and in about four different colors.  Do you notice on the petals that it is sparkling?  I love macro shots because you would have never realized all that is on the flowers until you pull the pictures up on the monitor.

Here are some more pics for you to enjoy!

I call this my alien flower - I love it!

A peony

A new flower I have never seen before - a knapweed - a friend called it a
sea anemone
Mom and I really want to do something with all of our flower images - we both would love to print them on canvas but don't have it in the budget from EB.  We did try the canvas printing from Wal-mart but neither one of us liked how that turned out.

I have been experimenting with the glass tiles and the diamond glaze and so far both times have been a disaster.  I am trying a new type of paper, so I don't have to mod podge.  I will use the diamond glaze to glue down the tiles on the image, let it dry, sand the edges, then put diamond glaze on the back.  I have my fingers crossed that this will work this time.  Otherwise it is back to the drawing board on trying to figure out what to do.  If anyone has recommendations I am all for them!

Tomorrow both mom and I have taken vacation.  Mom will probably be sawing, filing and sanding so I can enamel this weekend.  I want to finish power washing my siding so I can get the power washer back to my friend.  I also want to start painting my trim after I have power washed so I can start getting the house ready for the market.

What do you all have planned for this weekend?

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