Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I Have to Pat Myself on the Back

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Mom always says I have to toot my own horn because no one else will. So, today I am patting myself on the back and sharing it too.

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On Monday I was working away Googling answers to try and figure out how to create rules on an InfoPath form I have in SharePoint. I had figured out two of the issues and now I was working on my last one when all of the sudden the power went out and everything turned off for a second.

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This is how I felt when the power came back up - I have no idea when I did my last save in InfoPath - so I had no idea if all the changes I just did were still good. Also, did I just lose all the links I found in the Google search for my answers. UGH....

My computer eventually came back up after about 45 minutes. I was able to restore my sessions, except for the last tab of links I had found for my last question - now I had to remember how I worded the question to find the last site I was on for my answer - that was fun - NOT!

Because of what happened with the power outage - almost all the systems were down across campus.

But - because I migrated our SharePoint on-prem environment to the SharePoint Cloud environment - our department was at least up and running with SharePoint.

I also could work because I had moved almost all my documentation to the Cloud environment. So, because our network drives were down, I at least could get to the documents I needed to work.

Now - it is trying to change the mentality of our work employees on using the Cloud SharePoint environment and moving their documents to the Cloud. I have been offering training, of course some people attend, but not the majority of the employees. I am now setting up meetings to go out to each individual school/college and meet with those areas and show them what the Cloud environment has to offer.

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I sent an After Action Review to my AVPs a few weeks ago, but yesterday I sent a follow-up email detailing what happened on Monday and that our SharePoint environment was up and running and if users had moved their documents to the Cloud they could have retrieved them to work.

So - I did send a what a great idea it was that we moved to the Cloud email :)

That is my Pat on the Back story for this week. Mom is right - you have to toot your own horn because no one else will (mom does not count - she thinks I do an amazing job with the Cloud - but she is biased).

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