Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two Bowls and Four Pendants Done

On Saturday mom and I went to the metals studio to work. I think that is the cleanest I have ever seen the studio except for finals week when the studio is cleaned for the end of the semester.
This day mom worked on enameling two bowls: a dragon, "Puff", bowl and a flower bowl, which we are still thinking of a name for. The dragon bowl has red, black outlines the body of the dragon and yellow/orange enamel is the flames coming out of the dragons mouth. The flower bowl has a base color of crackle white with a blue on top.

Puff Bowl
Flower bowl
I worked on making up four circle enameled pendants for the Feb. bead challenge. I made the base color red with the smaller circles out of orange enamel.
Mom and I also worked on cutting out more bowls and circles, for earrings.

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