Thursday, February 11, 2010

Excitement and Creation

On Tuesday I order a Scrabble Tile Ephemera Charm Pendant from Skye Jewels etsy shop. I was so excited to order that tile. I have been eying the "Song" tile since she posted it on her blog. I have the beads I want to make going through my head and I can't wait to see what the finished piece will look like.

I also ordered three heart pendants from The Rabbit Muse etsy shop. I really can't wait until those pendants come also. I have some ideas on beads I want to make but nothing definite. I am hoping to have inspiration when the pendants arrive.

That same night I nagged mom into finish making up Robin's necklace since there was a PAJAMA meeting on Thursday night. Robin is my metals professor and she is the best. Robin has been very encouraging in what I have been doing and pushing me to get outside my comfortable box.

I also put together a necklace I made for myself. I usually don't wear jewelry, even the jewelry we make, but this necklace means something to me. I made a copper circle pendant and I textured the copper and then stamped the words, "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome" on the copper. I then used a length of Viking Knit to make the chain. I put both the chain and pendant in liver of sulfur to make it a bit darker. I used a clasp, that was made by someone else, and I need to sand it to get the lacquer off so I can also patina the clasp, but that is for another day. I have my necklace and I have been wearing it and I really like how it looks.

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