Monday, February 22, 2010

Metals Studio - Baby Gift

This weekend feels like it was a whirlwind of activity. On Saturday I worked in the ceramics studio for about three hours. I was able to get three bowls trimmed, pulled two handles for cups, and threw five shaped cylinders.

The afternoon was devoted to running around town. Mom and I went to every hardware store looking for chain to use for the gift I was making for a friends baby. The last store, of course, had the size chain I wanted to use. If I ever do this project again I will plan way in advance and buy chain from Rio or someplace else.

On Sunday mom and I were in the metals studio for a little over four hours. I was able to cut out a large bowl and four smaller sized bowls. Mom then filed and sanded the edges and I then heated up the copper so she could form the bowls in the stump.

I then worked on finishing enameling the new "Fairy Jewels" bowl, abstract leaf shapes for earrings and a bracelet and two pendants. I also was able to enamel the inside of one bowl "Flutter Bye" before both mom and I were done.

Fairy Jewels bowl - mom will make Boro pendants to attach to the bowl (where the holes are)

Bracelet parts - colors were transparent purple/pink/yellow

Earrings - colors were transparent purple/pink/yellow

These two pendants I cut out while I was at Penland and I just finally got around to enameling them

When we got back to mom's house we put together my friend, Julie's, baby gift; an elephant wind chime. The colors are based off of what they painted the baby room and the elephant is from another friend's quilt, Elephunk, she made for the baby.

The elephants are dark blue with light blue speckles and miscellaneous browns with blue dots
Lily sniffing the wind chime

Mom and I also made Julie a necklace (she deserves something for carrying a baby around for nine months and then giving birth). The chain is Viking Knit and the pendant is Julie's initials from her photography blog.

The colors are blue and pink

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  1. I am so enamoured with the metal work y'all do. That Fairy Jewels bowl is gorgeous, but that Sun pendant is to die for. LOVE it. And the Wind Chime~ I'll just take one of everything. Wonderful Work!

    I have left a little present for you on my blog, so take a peek when you have a minute. :)


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