Monday, February 15, 2010

New Enameled Earrings and a Leaf Bowl

Mom and I were at the metals studio for about five hours on Sunday. The first hour to hour and a half was spent prepping copper sheets with images of bowls and pendants that we need to cut out. I think we have about 16 bowls that we need to cut out and I don't even want to start counting how many pendants we need to work on. Got to get that inventory made for the shows this year!

I finally started working on enameling the leaf bowl and four sets of circle earrings. I also enameled a piece that is part of a gift that eventually I will post pictures of, but not yet.

Leaf Bowl
Cobalt Blue/Atlantic Blue; Black/Gold; Misc. Greys; Turquoise w/ a Red dot

Enameled pieces I was going to use in the Feb. Art Bead Challenge, but my design changed, so now they will be earrings


  1. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog! I am very excited about metalsmithing and want to learn everything I can. Your work is stunning! I love the bowls, very unique!

  2. Thank you for your comments on the bowls. That means a lot to my mom and myself.


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