Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quick Note

Just a quick note before I head home, since I don't have internet. Mom and I had a really productive day today. We went to the metals studio and prepared, at least, six sheets of copper for bowls and pendants. I then enameled one leaf bowl, enameled a bowl for part of a gift and enameled four sets of earrings. While I was doing that mom was cutting out bowls for next weeks production line.
We then stopped to eat lunch and we both had forgotten it was Valentine's Day. Appleebee's was pretty packed but we only had about a five minute wait, which was nice.
Then came home to mom's so I could put together February's bead challenge. I did some of the necklace in seed beads and that was a bitch. I finally got the necklace done and then took pictures of everything.
I will work on posting photographs tomorrow. No critiques on the photos because the sun was gone and I still have not put together a light box. Time, time, time; never enough time.
Now going home to crash though I really should work some on my history study guide for my test on Thursday. Procrastination is my middle name, and what they are going to put on mom's tombstone according to the Urgent Care doctor, so I think I will blow off working on my study guide.
Oh, mom also gave me one of my birthday gifts early. She gave me a Tiagnallo bag that is large enough to care all my junk! I love it!
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day.
Peace out.

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