Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All Not Lost on Creativity This Week

Last night was ceramics class so I was able to do some creating. I have been working on a series of work dealing with my time in the Army.

I have been throwing bowls and plates and then drawing images that are military related. I just finished painting slip on two plates. One plate is an image of my very well worn boot with a dead tree in the background, with two green leaves still alive on the tree. I just completed the second plate, last night, of my brand new boot with a live tree in the background with flowers. I tried to show the difference between when I first joined the Army and when I got out of the Army.

Right before class ended I start painting slip on another plate. This plate has an image of the vehicle I use to drive with flowers and peace signs on it. Recently, a friend of mine said I was turning into a hippie, so I thought that was a great idea to use on one of my pieces. I would use a military vehicle and make the vehicle into a "Flower" mobile.

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