Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ning for Torch-Fired Enamel

Just wanted to mention this, for those of you interested in Torch-Fired Enamel. This is information from Barbara Lewis blog, Jewelry of Distinction. She makes wonderful enameled pieces.

Hey! There's a new guy in town and I hope you'll join us. Yesterday, with the help of my friends, we got a fully functioning ning site up and running for those who either make torch-fired enamel pieces or just love the sight of them.

It will be a forum for sharing, learning and supporting those who share your interest. The inspiration behind the site started by me returning emails from those interested in trying this art form, or many had tried it but now had questions. As I was answering the questions with the best information I had, it dawned on me that others probably had these same questions.

I have always felt that when you take a workshop, you learn as much from the other participants around you as you do from the teacher. This is proving to be true at!

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