Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Study Guide - Rather Be Creating

I finally completed most of my history study guide last night. I still have one more class, today, before the exam on Thursday. I have at least 16 pages of notes for the word identifications and three to four pages for the essays.

The professor has two essay sections on the exam. The professor gives you four essays to choose from in the first section and then six essays to choose from in the second section of the study guide. You need to write at least two essays for the first essay section and then write at least three essays for the second essay section because you don't know which essays she is going to put on the exam, so you have to be prepared.

The next section the professor has are word identifications and you have to give a short essay on those ids she gives you. On the study guide there is at least 50-80 words and you write a definition for each of them. On the exam the professor gives you 12 word identifications and you have to write about six of them. By the time the exam is over with my hand has swelled up from all the writing I have to do.

To be honest I really rather have been making beads, working on a necklace or bracelet then I wanted to work on that study guide. I usually have at least five hours in making up the study guide, and then I have at least eight hours in studying for the exam. I am sooooo done with this!!!! Just two and half more months and this semester is over with and I can devote my time to jewelry, YEAH!!!!

What is getting me through this week until 4:15 p.m. on Thursday is thinking of the goodies I received over the weekend. I can create something with them this weekend. That is my mantra to get me through this week! Study, take test, and then create! Go me!

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  1. Delayed gratification is your mantra for the week ... and then you celebrate ... it will feel sooo good! Good luck this week!


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