Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Enameled Copper Bowls

Mom and I have been working on our inventory of enameled bowls. We sold the majority of our bowls last year and we needed a new and larger supply (especially if we are accepted into any art shows this year).
Mom has been wanting to cut out designs on the copper, before we hammer the copper into a bowls shape. I told her to go for it. If the copper tears the enamel should hide it or the tears in the copper might look really cool.
Here are some shots of the newest bowls in our inventory:

Holey Bowley

Rise and Shine

Heart shaped with designs in the enamel

Folded "ThumBOWLina" bowl

Eyelet in the Round (we still have glass beads I made to add to the bowl)

All Fired Up

Bloomin' Bowl

Clam shaped "ThumBOWLina" - used dark blue enamels to lighter blue enamels


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