Saturday, February 27, 2010

First Attempt at Torch Fired Enameled Beads

Well, this afternoon was my first attempt at the torch fired enameled beads. I think the only thing I really got out of it was a burned thumb and index finger. Though I do like how the large, clear transparent bead turned out (last bead I did, of course). I will have to make a set of those to add to my flameworking glass beads to make a necklace.
I freely admit I was an idiot for burning myself. I thought the bead was cool enough to pick up, but of course it was not and I went running for the sink to run cold water on my fingers. I tried to take a photograph of the fingers, so everyone would have a good laugh, but I couldn't get a good enough shot. Oh well. It isn't like I haven't burned myself in the past or burned off my bangs while torching.

My first attempt at torch fired beads was a little frustrating. I re-watched the video and got my directions out after I messed up a few of the smaller beads. I realized I kept forgetting to rotate the mandrel as I was taking the bead off. I also seem to have excess enamel at the end of the mandrel when I am trying to get the bead off and the bead sticks.

I know, I know, I know...keep practicing. It is like everything esle I do, but I want instant gratification damnit!
Here are photographs of my first attempt:
Set of small beads - blues; red/yellow; clear transparent

Set of larger beads of the same colors

Cobalt Blue and Atlantic Blue beads w/ clear as base coat
Red and Marigold Yellow w/ clear as a base coat
Transparent clear (2010 enamel number)
Mom and I are done for the afternoon because our feet are freezing. But all was not lost on the production side, mom completed a commissioned Sterling Silver Viking Knit necklace while I was torching and swearing. I seriously can't wait until it is warmer in the garage!!!!!

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  1. So cool, and very timely -- next week I'm taking a class to learn how to do this!


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