Friday, February 19, 2010

Test Over and Ceramic Pieces Fired

Well, the test is finally over with and of course we probably won't find out our grades for another three weeks. The professor and the grad students have a bunch of papers to read and that takes time since all the questions and answers are essays. I am just glad it is over with, until the next test at the end of March, but that is for another day.

The high fire was done yesterday and I was able to see what happened to my stuff. I didn't even take a photograph of the test porcelain piece I did because IT WAS FUGLY! The outside was all brown and we think I didn't put a thick enough coat of glaze on it.

The water lily bowl was a re-do of a bowl I made last semester. For some reason the slip and glaze bubbled during the high fire, so I wanted to make another bowl to see if this problem would happen again. It looks like it turned out alright, though the lily had pink petals and the petals look grey with the celedon as the glaze.

Water Lily

I am pretty happy with the grenade piece though the color of the purple flowers didn't come through the celedon glaze. I talked with Siggy and she said she would bring in a book with a recipe for a high fire clear glaze. On some of my other pieces I really want the colors to come through and that won't happen if I use the celedon.

Grenade with flowers

I am also happy with the way my shaped cylinders turned out and a bowl I made for a friends birthday. I am sorry about the bad quality of photos because I took the pictures at work. I will try and get better photographs and post them on my Flickr account.

Friends B-day Gift - Angel Eyes, Wax Resist, Tenmoko

Angel Eyes, Wax Resist, Gold Shino

Yellow Salt
Yellow Salt then Semi-Matte Blue on top


  1. I love the water lily, and I'm a sucker for anything blue, so the yellow salt with the semi-matte blue is a winner for me!

  2. Thanks! Last years water lily was all bubbly and yucky looking so I wanted to see if I could make a better one this semester. I love blues and I am having a blast trying out all the different glazes on my cylinder's.


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