Thursday, February 18, 2010

East Asian History Test

Today is the first exam in my East Asian history class. In nine more hours it will be all over with. Or course it doesn't help that I can't keep all the different treaties or peasant uprisings straight, or who was leading what government at what time. Oh well, I hope I can just BS my way through this. I keep telling myself I don't need an "A", but of course that doesn't stop me from killing myself studying.

Three things to look forward to this test being over with:

1) I have ceramics tonight
2) My stuff should be out of the high fire kiln and I can see what happened with the color slips and what the Celedon glaze did
3) I can work on jewelry, jewelery, jewelery...Ha ha ha ha ha

Off to work my day job until I leave to study for the test at noon. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I am sure going to need it.


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