Friday, November 13, 2015

Superstition Blog Hop Reveal

I am so excited that today is the reveal for the Superstition Blog Hop hosted by Tammy from Paisley Lizard.

Mom and I were lucky enough to win one of her black cat polymer clay pendants - and boy Tammy didn't disappoint with this beauties.

Mom and I are cat lovers - so this pendant was perfect for us. Plus we both don't agree that black cats are unlucky - no cat is unlucky especially if they are yours!!!!

So - here is what mom and I created with the bead that Tammy sent.

I wanted to focus on the pendant and I wanted the necklace to be asymmetrical - which it is really hard for me and mom to create. I love these colors and I think it is going to be very hard for us to sell. I am sorry - the pictures just don't do this piece justice!

Another look at the necklace.

The lampwork beads are beads that I made. I wanted to keep to the color of Tammy's pendant - so all I used was a gray base with white feathering. For accent beads mom and I used fresh water pearls and gun metal spacers.

So - that is it for the first piece. If you would like to learn more about black cat superstition click here.

The second piece mom and I created is an homage to the letter 13 and a black cat again. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the number 13 (of course I was born on that date). I even love it more when the 13th falls on a Friday - which today is perfect. Here is a link to learn more about the superstition on the number 13.

For this necklace I created 13 lampwork glass beads and a black cat pendant.

I call these beads Kuiper Belt beads because they remind me of an asteroid field. For spacer beads we have used gunmetal spacers.

For my 13th bead I still used the Kuiper Belt bead but this time I swirled the glass around to get the feathered affect. Then mom and I added the black cat bead to the necklace.

The black cat pendant is a piece that I cast while I was in college. I used silver shot to create the pendant and then I used liver of sulfur to get the silver to be black.

Another shot of the 13/black cat necklace. Now this one I think I am going to keep for awhile before I decide to sell it. Mom said I thought we weren't keeping any of the pieces we make - I said I am making an exception for this piece :)

Thank you so much Tammy for allowing mom and I to participate in this blog hop. It was so much fun!

Now here is the list of blog hop participants:

Tammy Adams (Hostess)
Renee Hong
Betony Maiden
Coral Law
Lee Koopman
Jeanette Belmont
Shai Williams
Beth McCord
Robin Lynne Showstack
Lori Blanchard
Deb Fortin
Michelle McCarthy
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Kim Dworak
Divya N
Karin Grosset Grange
Mowse Doyle
Rebecca White
Shawneen Fagnani
Catherine King
Brook Bock
Kari Asbury
Carolyn Lawson
Linda Anderson
Ann Schroeder
Melissa Trudinger
Kathy Lindemer


  1. What great pieces you both created, your lamp work beads are perfect with Tammy's focal , the thirteen you created, just gorgeous. I would keep them!

  2. Wow! Your lampwork beads are fabulous. And I love that you created two beautiful necklaces with black cats. The first is very elegant and classic, and the second is whimsical and fun. I would be tempted to keep them both as well. Thank you both so much for joining the hop.

  3. Isn't it amazing that we both were working in Asymmetrical pieces with symbolism. How lovely! You and your mom made lovely pieces.

  4. What gorgeous necklaces! I especially like the second with your cast kitty.

  5. I think BOTH pieces are keepers! Loving the beads!

  6. I love both the grey beads and the blue beads that you have made but I am partial to the second necklace because of the cat pendant - seriously how cute it that? I would love to have one of those

  7. Both necklaces are wonderful. Your lampwork beads are gorgeous, as is that great cat! I like how you used Tammy's cat in an asymmetrical way. I tend to like the number 13 too. I think I tend to like thing other people are against for what seems like no reason - I want to root for the underdog!

  8. Great job on both pieces! I love that you made your own beads to go with the pendant!

  9. This turned out beautifully! I'm keeping mine, also. I love those gray beads. I guess we were thinking along the same lines with the number 13. Great job!


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