Friday, August 23, 2013

We Are Alive!!!!

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Sorry I have been silent for a very, very, very long time.  There has been lots going on and actually none of it has been art related.  Well, except for something new mom and I are trying.

We finally decided to put our pictures on metal prints.  Here are some examples of what we have done.

Images of rusty fire hydrants

We have 18 metal prints that I need to take photos of and post out on Etsy.  I am thinking of creating a new Etsy shop that is just for our pics.  Oh, I apologize for the poor quality - they were taken on my phone and I was sharing on Facebook :)

The extension on mom's house has been slow.  The concrete subcontractors put us about a four weeks behind and the subcontractors who did the duct work put us another five weeks behind.  Needless to say our contractor got all new subcontractors.  The duct work is finally in, electrical was inspected and the insulation was sprayed in on Wednesday and the drywall stuff was dropped off yesterday.  I have my fingers crossed that they start the dry walling today.

Pics so far.

Duct Work

Bathroom window and insulation

Living room and insulation

Bedroom window looking into mom's living room window

Looking from my bedroom to the living room and bathroom

Going out my back door

Dry wall

Lots of joint compound
 I thought you guys would get a kick out of this next picture.  I few weeks ago I got a personal loan to consolidate all my debt (credit card, HELOC [needs to be paid off before house could sell] extra money to pay the realtor and anything that comes up).  After I did that I gave my credit card to mom and said hide it.  Well, I have a credit on my credit card that I wanted to use to buy Ancient Aliens season 5 (yes, I am that kind of geek).  Mom said it is in the freezer if I wanted to use it.

This is what I found.  Mom put my credit card on ice.  The only way to get the card out is to melt the ice or if I really want it to start chipping away.  I guess I really didn't need Ancient Aliens :)

So, that is a small re-cap of what we have been up to.  I hope to be better at the blog, I guess I just needed a break.  A lot of stuff at work was going on and I think my head was ready to fly off.  It is great when you are excited again to go to work.

You all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.


  1. I was wondering what was up! Sorry that the house took a curve and glad things are back on track!! Love the ice. :)

  2. Renovation work is always he€*!! Always! I am hoping that things go faster for you! Your pics on metal are FABULOUS! I laughed outloud when I saw your credit card on ice! your Mom is an absolute hoot!

  3. And here I thought that you would have been moved in by now. I am so sorry that things have been crawling along on that end. And guess that there really is truth behind icing the CC.

    I love your pictures on metal! Those are so cool.


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