Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cat Tower and Finished Pieces

Yes, mom and I are still kicking.  This weather we are having is doing a number on the both of us in the way of migraines.  If I don't have one, mom has one.  If mom doesn't have one, I have one.  Today, both of us were functioning, though mom's stomach is now upset.  We sure are a pair.

I did take quick photographs of things we have finished (I will take better ones later because these are not the world's best pics).

But first, this is what arrived today:

Mom ordered a cat tower for her fur babies and now we just have to assemble the pieces - yeah, joy.

These are the instructions that they provided - yes, written in "Man Speak".  Mom and I are going to have fun putting this together.

Now onto what we have finished:

I am now happy with the way this turned out.  When I first started enameling the bowl I wasn't happy with the colors - transparent purples and pinks.  Mom just wanted to see if she would be able to saw out all the small designs.  At least I wasn't swearing at her too much with the tiny holes filling up with enamel.

These are the five ThumBOWLina bowls I finished - just one more to go.  Mom wanted me to try different color schemes.  I will have to find the paper I wrote down the enamel colors I used and I will let you know what each color is on the bowls after I take a better photograph of each.

Three pendants I enameled.  Mom found a new pattern of hummingbirds and a lotus pendant.

I am really loving the colors I used on both hummingbirds.  The left one is the color scheme I used to enamel the peacock pendant a few months ago.  The other hummingbird mom wanted me to use her favorite "Woodrow Red" combination I make with blues and greens.  Both of us are really happy with the way they turned out.  We still haven't decided if we are just going to sell them as pendants or make them up into a necklace for our show in a few weeks (need to decide fast!).

Mom and I are now digging the colors of the pendant.  I wanted to use transparent aqua blue, but thought it would be too overpowering so I used another transparent blue to tone it down (can't remember off the top of my head what color I used).  At first I thought it wouldn't work, but once I got to the front side the color started to work for me.  I also have a necklace design idea I want to try and make using this pendant.  I have to talk to mom and see what she thinks or if she already had an idea she wanted to try.

The last two things we will have to enamel before the show.  This weekend will be the last weekend of enameling then it is prep, prep, prep for the show.

That is it, no other new things in the works.  I will work on taking better photos to share and I hope to have the necklaces made up this weekend to share with you all.


  1. Beautiful work. I especially love the lotus. My heart goes out to you with the migraines- they're awful.

  2. The cat tower looks like so much fun for your babies. Love your work...especially the hummers.


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